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La Sainte: Glenda Anthes closes the doors of the lingerie boutique Intimate Dreams | Lithgow Mercury


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WHEN Glenda Anthes closes her lingerie boutique Intimate Dreams this month, it will be the end of the oldest family business tradition in Lithgow. Glenda’s family has been an integral part of the Main Street business fraternity for over 60 years. His parents, Ralph and Effie Holloway, arrived on the scene in 1959 with a toy store where H and R Block now operates. Then came the East Main Street (now Kumon) locations for a toy store and slot car center that appealed to the younger generation. The Holloways then crossed the road and down to the next block to acquire the Birneys florist to create a double-fronted facility that in time became a popular toy and yarn store. Glenda took over the family business almost 15 years ago after her parents retired and has no regrets about working life in Lithgow at that time. ALSO MAKING NEWS: As for being Lithgow’s oldest surviving business, Glenda modestly concedes that the Giokaris family may hold that distinction. Glenda is just retiring as the operators of the Anglicare op shop made her an offer she couldn’t refuse and will be moving from their current location later this month. OFF-ROADERS will be furious with frustration and wildlife may come out of hiding after National Parks closed access to the entire Newnes Plateau region due to road damage in the ongoing high humidity. Off-roaders swarm all over the board most weekends, and goons among them are a constant source of concern. The area is now off-limits during the usually frenetic Easter holidays and towards the end of the month. Even tour operators also warn against visiting the Wolgan Valley at this time, a disappointing prospect for campers who love the area. No such problems though at the very popular Lake Lyell and Lake Wallace camping areas.