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Langley City murals come to life – Aldergrove Star


Dubbed the Moving Murals, a number of murals around downtown Langley come to life and should grab attention.

The Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) has announced an interactive augmented reality (AR) component for its popular Downtown Langley Wall Walk, Executive Director Teri James announced.

“The new Moving Murals AR experience brings murals to life, it’s really exciting.” she said.

“We’re always looking for ways to continue to attract people to our community, and these activated murals are going to grab some attention.”

The Downtown Langley Business Association estimates that more than 2,500 people take the local mural every year, and community members have reported that it is Langley City’s # 1 activity in 2020.

With 24 murals on the current wall march, four have been selected to include the new AR experience and two are already active.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real world environment where real world objects are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information.

The AR component of the local mural walk takes participants to see the components of the murals come to life, and some even offer the opportunity for people to place themselves in the AR experience.

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By scanning the QR codes located near each activated mural, users can access the AR component, James said, explaining the process and noting that people need a smartphone or tablet, as well as Instagram. to access the AR murals.

“We wanted to make participating in our Moving Murals experience as easy as possible, while allowing participants to share their experience through photos and videos on social media. Said Jacques.

“Our #MuralWalkLangley hashtag was used over 700 times in 2020 alone, so we know that many people who participate in the mural walk are also choosing to share their experience on social media.”

The first Moving Mural, #ThePowerOfWomenIsInfinite (located in Fuller Lane, behind Forever Yours Lingerie), was announced on the DLBA Instagram account last week.

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The #ThePowerOfWomenIsInfinite augmented reality experience brings some sections of the mural to life with movement, while other areas appear to come out of the wall.

A mural in Salt Lane titled Save the Bees by artist Judy Pohl was unveiled this week as number two in the series.

And, there are two more murals that will be activated and announced over the next few weeks, plus three more likely before the end of the year.


“We know this newly launched initiative will be one of many experiences that will continue to draw members of our community and surrounding communities to downtown Langley to support our local businesses.” said Jacques.

The DLBA plans to continue activating more murals over the next 12 months.

In the meantime, people can find more information about the wall walk online at: www.downtownlangley.com, or on Instagram DLBA, using handle @ discoverdowntownlangley.

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