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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 16 – The Daily Gazette


Putin is unlikely to stop with Ukraine

Unless he is forced to stop and given a proper exit ramp to save his ego, Putin is unlikely to stop.
Putin’s childhood and his resulting defensive shielding, emotional repression and projection of force help me understand why Trump was so enamored with Putin.
Putin’s strongman facade of emotionless and cruel perfection has always been very appealing to narcissists like Trump. Limiting time and proximity is the only way to have a relationship with a narcissist, and having one as a neighbor or boss will only be painful.
Obsession, by its very nature, is never satisfied. Always wanting more, getting more. Obstacles only reinforce the need.
Putin turns 70 this year. Will he die without accomplishing what he set out to do? Never!
He must leave a solid legacy. He must rewrite history by reversing the breakup of the Soviet Union. He must rebuild the old empire.
Never satisfied with what he has, he will continue to pursue more. He will take what he believes should be his, further justifying his pursuit by saying that it is ours (mine).
He thought it would be easy. No resistance. Why should there be? He is entitled.
If he wins in Ukraine, it won’t stop there. Gaining more ground leads to always wanting more. Obstacles reinforce obsession. If he fears losing ground, he could take extreme measures. He has already threatened to use nuclear energy. He can never let it go.
Martin Lyden, Ph.D.

Make drugmakers pay, not seniors

Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson has announced a $26 billion settlement to be split across the United States for its role in the opioid crisis.
I propose that some of this money be used for drug research and to stop taking money from the monthly social security checks of the elderly. This essential cost of living increase is reduced by $22 per month. This money is for drug research for an Aduhelm drug that may or may not be effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.
Taking that money from seniors is stealing it. Who in government came up with the idea of ​​using this new money for this purpose?
Social Security is the money that Americans have poured into the system. Don’t narrow it down for research. Let Johnson & Johnson’s money help fund drug research.
Prices on everything continue to rise daily with no end in sight. Who thinks that $22 per single person or $44 per couple per month could help seniors pay their bills, heat their homes, buy lifesaving medicine, get groceries and the list goes on, please raise your hands ?
Our government can pour billions in aid to people in Ukraine, Afghanistan and undocumented immigrants crossing our borders. I agree that these people need our help, but somehow our own citizens are being exploited. It’s like stealing from our fellow citizens who need it the most.
My final point is this: How many seniors have $26,000 (estimated) a year for their prescriptions?
Paul Saint Onge

Can we now sue automakers for accidents?

Regarding the February 16 Gazette article (“Sandy Hook families settle for $73 million with arms manufacturer”) on the jury’s verdict on the liability of the arms manufacturer, can we now sue car manufacturers for the same results of use?
Robert Payst

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