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Lingerie-loving lizard travels 4,000 miles in bra

The lingerie-loving lizard travels 4,000 miles in a bra. Image – RSPCA

A small lizard was found in a woman’s bra after traveling from Barbados to Yorkshire on a flight.

The little gecko, who has been named Barbie, was spotted in a bra by Lisa Russell as she unpacked her suitcase at her home in South Yorkshire.

Ms Russell said: “When he moved I started screaming. It’s not what you expect to find in your bra after a 4,000 mile journey.

Image – RSPCA

Ms Russell, 47, said she thought it was a point on her bra until she saw the female lizard start to move.

“The little lizard was lucky because the bra was over my suitcase on my clean pile. Since it was so hot there, I didn’t bother to wear one, ”said the beautician.

She said the gecko was not injured and had traveled safely in her lacy bra for 24 hours, even though she was sitting on the suitcase closing it!

An RSPCA inspector has been dispatched to check on the little traveler and it appears that Barbie is unharmed during her trip.

Image – RSPCA

Sandra Dransfield, of the RSPCA, said releasing the lizard in the UK would be illegal because it is a non-native species and “would not survive in our climate”.

The gecko was taken in by a specialist reptile keeper where she is said to be doing well.

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