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Lingerie model explaining why she gave up on men and decided to get married


Brazilian model Cris Galera says she got tired of depending on men and instead decided to get married. (PHOTO: Instagram / @crisgalera)

Encounters can be a minefield.

But after years of romantic heartbreak, Brazilian Cris Galera believes she has finally found someone who will never let her down: herself.

Photos recently went viral of Cris, wearing a traditional white wedding dress outside a church in São Paulo, beaming after vowing to love and cherish each other forever.

“I was not ashamed, I went to church with determination,” Cris (33) told the New York Post of her marriage. “I did my makeup and hair myself and everyone was watching because I didn’t have a fiancé,” said the model and lingerie influencer.

After experiencing her fair share of disappointment, she decided to give up the search for Mr. Right.

“Men find it difficult to be faithful or to stay with one woman. They want several [women] at the same time, ”she explained.

“I like to be a priority and I am my priority.”

– Cris Galera

Although many people thought Cris was joking when she got married, she says she made a promise to herself and intends to honor it. So she was not impressed when a wealthy Arab sheikh approached her with a marriage proposal after reading her story, offering her a dowry of $ 500,000 (roughly 7.5 million rand) if she divorced herself. -same.

She called the offer “sexist,” adding that it is not for sale.

Cris says finding a man was a priority for her, but after leaving her small town and moving to São Paulo to make a name for herself as an influencer, she quickly realized she didn’t need to. anybody.

“I’ve always been afraid of being alone, but I realized I had to learn to feel good about myself,” she says. “When it happened, I decided to celebrate it.”

Sologamy – the concept of getting married – is nothing new. It’s a token act that’s been around for years and even Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw, a notorious’ 90s date Sex and the City, tried it out in one episode.

But Cris insists that for her, it’s not just a passing fad. And to prove it, she even flies on her honeymoon in romantic Paris in November.

Even though she is committed to herself, she hasn’t completely closed the door one day allowing someone else to come into her life. “I would never divorce myself,” she said. “But also if a new love appears, I will want to live the experience.”

But whoever it is will have to be content to always hold second place in their heart.

“First it will always be me,” she said. “I will not be disappointed, I will not betray my trust and I will love myself above all.”