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Local artist’s work featured in Dillard stores across the country


Next time you go to Dillard’s, you might see a clothing line featuring artwork by a local artist.

Midlander Carrie Hawkins’ artwork isn’t just limited to clothing in local Dillards, it can be found in Dillards across the country.

“It’s been a dream,” says Hawkins.

Some of Hawkins’ work on display at Dillard’s in Midland

Last year, she worked with Dillard’s to incorporate her artistic work into a children’s clothing line called Edge Hill collection it’s at Dillard’s all over America.

“It’s very weird to see my face in Dillard’s face,” Hawkins says. “And people send me pictures of Dillard’s in Washington DC”

Her work spans children’s dresses, boys’ and girls’ swimwear, and sweater blankets.

It all started seven years ago when she started her business pearl door designs.

It’s a watercolor that does everything from art prints to wallpaper, wrapping paper and more.

“I’ve always been interested in children’s fashion,” says Hawkins. “My style is very feminine and whimsical. It kind of fueled my other life interests, and the worlds collided.

Her work was eventually noticed by Dillard, which brought her to this point. She says her work is her passion and every piece of artwork on every piece of clothing has a lot of love in it.

“I hope every boy and girl who wears it can see that these pieces are created by hand, that there is so much love in them.”

This Saturday (March 24), you can meet Carrie and discover her work. She will be at Dillard’s in Midland from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. to talk about her product and do a fashion show.