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Logan Paul Trolls Floyd Mayweather “In His Underwear” On Fight Pay


Logan Paul / Instagram

Logan Paul claimed Floyd Mayweather didn’t pay him for their fight in June of this year, and called out the fighter in a very odd Instagram post.

The highly anticipated fight ultimately saw Paul and Mayweather go head-to-head after a lot of hype, and while the fight didn’t have an outright winner, the pair were still willing to make a ridiculous amount of money out of it.

At least, that’s what had to happen.

Paul took to Instagram to troll Mayweather with a retouched photo, while claiming he still hadn’t been paid for the fight.

Paul vs. Mayweather (PA Images)AP Images

The post was shared by @defnoodles and it looks like it could be the reason for a new match …

Logan Paul says Mayweather has yet to pay him for their fight. Maybe Floyd wants some hugs first.

The post then shows a story of Paul, who is by no means a professional boxer, calling Mayweather.

Paul’s story has the articulated legend:

Pay me my money u fucking stupid king of a human.

This is accompanied by a photo of Mayweather at a Christmas market in a Fendi puffer jacket, with matching boots and no pants.

Hey, if the hot chocolate stand has a no shirt, no shoes policy, he’s technically okay with it.

Paul shared the edited, pantless photo of Mayweather to his millions of followers.

Mayweather has yet to respond to comments, but to be fair he’s probably having a good time on the carousel at the back of the photo.

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