Home Underwear Martine McCutcheon’s silky underwear photo sends fans into overdrive

Martine McCutcheon’s silky underwear photo sends fans into overdrive


Isabelle Casey

Martine McCutcheon couldn’t stop laughing in a hilarious video she shared on her Instagram that showed the illusion of a face on beautiful new blue silk underwear.

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the love in fact The actress took to her Instagram Stories to reveal the face which was elegantly sculpted in a pair of aquamarine blue panties and aptly dubbed the “sculptor panties” pair.

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WATCH: Martine shows Instagram a hilarious illusion she found in her silk underwear

According to the star, she was inundated with responses from her 419,000 followers who couldn’t get over the image. One of Martine’s friends even thought the face looked like a band member, stone roses.

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Speaking about her stories, Martine said: “I love beautiful underwear and these have just arrived and it’s my favorite color too, I love this kind of baby blue aquamarine it’s my favorite color.

“Can anyone else see a face?! The lips, the nose, the hairline… it’s as if a sculptor had done it.


A snap of the famous panties

Weird but brilliant! Oh my god I love [expletive] like that! Oh scary! I don’t know what that means, I’m not going to say anything rude!”

She added: “Okay, so disturbingly or brilliantly, the panties post got a huge reaction. Some people said maybe they could talk, give them a mic, give them their own tour, awesome!”

As she documented the ordeal, she left hilarious captions on the clips, writing, “Omg can anyone else see a face in these… not in a rude way #weirdrebuttrue.


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“I love stuff like that, what can I say, I see art everywhere daaaarrrling! Sculpting panties!

“Brilliantly crazy, and that’s just me! Or just old crazy with a funny laugh!

“@sibohanmaherkennedy even said in his scouser accent that the face looks like a mod/one of the stone roses! You crack me up! #knickersensation.”

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