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Mavs star’s father Luka Doncic hits back at ESPN’s Windhorst


Given what we’ve seen and heard regarding other NBA stars’ thoughts on Luka Doncic, we continue to be baffled by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst suggestion that they wouldn’t want to play with Doncic.

Luka’s father, Sasa, has a retort that wins out over Windhorst – and outweighs the confusion.

“I don’t know. Maybe this reporter is probably the greatest genius in basketball. So please don’t ask me about it,” Sasa said with a chuckle in one. interview with Donatas Urbonas from BasketNews.com.

Doncic, at 22 and in his third NBA season, is understandably the subject of close scrutiny. We’ve talked a lot about how the All-NBA star wears his emotions up his sleeve, perhaps to his detriment. We also now know more about his conflicts with fellow star Kristaps Porzingis, with team analysis boss Bob Voulgaris and even now deceased coach Rick Carlisle.

But the idea that the Mavs playmaker could be the real issue with the Mavs, with Windhorst saying the youngster could be a “difficult person” to deal with, adding that he doesn’t know how many players would actually want to play alongside. from Doncic to Dallas?

Given that Doncic is the less selfish superstar in the NBA, that seems like a scandalous accusation. Especially when you consider how much fun his Slovenian teammates are having with him …