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MMM – Lavish looking ladies are behind in this latest range, lacking in low-rise lingerie (Summer 2022 Gacha Part 2) | Fate Grand Order Wiki


Now we are in the heart of the matter. Ibuki no Mitama – Hachimyaku Dotou is a typical wordy Japanese NP, but what really matters is an Arts AOE NP with a range of effects to discuss, and then again its farming potential.

First off, this NP strips its targets of any defensive buffs, something of a vanilla Ibuki downgrade but a powerful effect nonetheless, ensuring that any significant defense buffs, or Invincible/Evade don’t hinder its damage. Then it deals the damage, with a super effective modifier against Earth trait enemies.

The Earth trait, as one of the in-game attributes, covers a wide range of targets, both minions and generic enemies. While it doesn’t have as many minions as human attributes, the Earth attribute has the most generic enemies tied to it in the game, and most of them are extremely common. Almost all Generics that aren’t explicitly divine-blooded or human-based in some way have this trait, so Ibuki will deal high damage to the majority of targets while farming.

The final effect of this NP is to apply a modest 20% Critical Rate Debuff to each enemy for 3 turns. While pretty much a non-presence for farming purposes, this type of debuff is especially handy for a Berserker in a CQ, essentially negating any chance of being hit by a wild crit as long as Ibuki keeps pace with her offensive. It’s practical, although very subtle. You will definitely appreciate it when the “Critical Miss” message pops up.

That said, let’s talk about repayment and the farming that comes with it. Her NP hits 5 times, which when faced with a wave of 3 enemies and with all of Ibuki’s buffs in play, provides a respectable 28.9% refund. This on paper isn’t enough to power a full NP loop, but when you put it into practice, it starts to shine:

Performing a typical 50% CE and a double Castoria, Ibuki’s NP spits out a lewd 82% refund. And it’s not like she’s lacking in damage either – in this very configuration (assuming insane 1k Atk and a Mystic Code with a decent offensive boost) she produces a respectable 91k damage on normal waves, and a massive 128k damage on the final wave. Assuming she gets the normal 1.5x Berserker class perk, of course.

While you might think that doesn’t sound too high, all things considered, this is a setup that just runs double Castoria, no Battlesuit swap, with 50% CE. Ibuki is more than capable of executing Black Grail, and with it his damage skyrockets:

Simply running a setup identical to the previous example, but with Black Grail instead, Ibuki refunds around 85-90% of each wave assuming a reasonable amount of Overkill, while dealing 150,000 damage on the first two waves and 188,000 on Wave 3 Apart from the extreme outliers, this is enough to farm any node in the game, and it doubles as she is able to do so much damage against every Shielder and Foreigner class bar, which doesn’t have almost no appearance in farming quests.

And for the record, those numbers assumed a non-LB Black Grail. If you were to take it to its absolute limits and run Ibuki in a max investment setup with Proto-Merlin on Battlesuit Swap, you’re looking at similar payback numbers, but 231,000 damage on the first 2 waves, 270,000 on the third.

Did I mention that I didn’t factor in his NP’s effective anti-Earth damage in any of these cases?

Ultimately, bar none, Ibuki is the strongest artistic farmer in the game, and even factoring in other map types, she clocks up damage numbers that compete with Melusine on much less action-intensive setups. It goes without saying, but she can also turn those nonsensical offensive prowess against Challenge Quest bosses, and demolish them in the same way while letting other aspects of her kit come into play.