Home Underwear Models show off their assets in the latest Pride/Queerty underwear

Models show off their assets in the latest Pride/Queerty underwear

The Nasty Pig Pride Collection (Photo: Nasty Pig)

Pride month means we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to rainbow-colored socks, sneakers, t-shirts, caps and other goodies. Luckily, underwear brands haven’t missed the chance to get in on the act either. Here are some of the options from some of our favorite brands.


2(X)IST Pride <a class=Underwear for Gay Men” width=”527″ height=”670″ srcset=”https://adabgmwwup.cloudimg.io/v7/_queerty-prodweb_/2022/06/2XIST_PRIDE-02_900-527×670.jpg?&auto=format&auto=compress&w=527 527w, https://adabgmwwup.cloudimg.io/v7/_queerty-prodweb_/2022/06/2XIST_PRIDE-02_900-527×670.jpg?&auto=format&auto=compress&w=400 400w, https://adabgmwwup.cloudimg.io/v7/_queerty-prodweb_/2022/06/2XIST_PRIDE-02_900-527×670.jpg?&auto=format&auto=compress&w=900 900w” sizes=”(max-width: 527px) 100vw, 527px”/>
2(X)IST Pride Underwear

2(X)IST has been an LGBTQ favorite for more than three decades, since launching its innovative contour pouch in 1992. Its Pride 2022 collection includes swimwear, briefs and underwear, as well as micro briefs for those who really want to show off. every little bulge.

A handsome man wearing 2(X)ISt Pride underwear
2(X)IST Pride Collection

A portion of all sales, not just during Pride season but year-round, go to the Ali Forney Center in New York City, supporting homeless LGBTQ youth.

naughty pig

Nasty Pig’s first Pride jockstrap (Picture: Nasty Pig)

Nasty Pig has quickly become a gay staple since it launched in New York in 1994. Guys love their jockstraps, fetish gear, and undies. His Pride season was highlighted by his Pride Out Loud 2022 collection, which includes his first-ever Pride jockstrap, emblazoned with his rainbow-colored muzzle logo. Ten percent of sales will be donated to the Ali Forney Center in New York.

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Bruto Pride Underwear
Bruto Pride underwear (Photo: Bruto)

Both Bruto and sister brand Estevez were founded by Miguel Estevez. They are both proudly “100% Colombian”, with all designs created and produced in the country. Estevez says he started, “like a dream when I was an illustration teacher at a fashion school here in Colombia.”

Bruto unicorn bodysuit
Bruto unicorn bodysuit (Photo: Bruto)

Bruto specializes in underwear, swimwear and fetish clothing. Her Pride 2022 collection includes colorful briefs, tank tops, swimsuits and a unicorn bodysuit.

JJ Malibu

JJ Malibi Bodysuit (Photo: JJ Malibu)

JJ Malibu was launched in 2016 in Toronto by designer Jed Jin. His goal ? To become “the best LGBTQ+ underwear and lifestyle brand in the world”. Six years later, he has garnered a huge following, with over half a million followers on his Instagram and sales in over 140 countries. This Breaking Hearts bodysuit, with a thong that separates the buttocks, is part of her Pride collection. Featuring a rainbow-colored star-studded flag, its website reads, “Let them know you are an asset to your country. Focus on ass.”

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Diesel/Tom of Finland Foundation 2022 capsule collection
Diesel/Tom of Finland Foundation 2022 capsule collection (Photo: Diesel)

Diesel’s AllTogether Pride 2022 capsule collection stands out for the fact that it obviously features no rainbows. Instead, he produced a neutral clothing collection in collaboration with the Tom of Finland Foundation and a handful of queer designers. This includes pants, sweatshirts, shirts, and bags. This “pants shorts” illustrates how Tom of Finland imagery has been used, while there is also a jockstrap with only the Diesel and Tom of Finland logos.