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Most common types of underwear for boys


When it comes to being a mom, there are certain things mom needs to make sure she does. She needs to make sure her children have healthy food in their stomachs, that they have a warm place to live, and that they have clothes on their backs. Although there are so many more things involved in motherhood, these are the necessities to which every child has a human right. These are also things that may seem quite simple, but as her child grows, they need new clothes and items that they are only wearing for the first time.

When a toddler transitions from diapers to underwear, it can be a big moment for mom. She no longer has to change dirty diapers, and that’s a huge load off her plate. However, now she has to find the right kind of underwear for her child. Teen moms seem to get away with it quite “easily” because there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to girls’ underwear.

Boys are a different story, and mom has three options to choose from, but how does she make the right choice? Well, she’s learning all she can about the different styles and figuring out which one will work for her son.

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The three different styles of boys’ underwear are briefs, boxers, and boxers, and we’ll discuss each in more detail here.


According to Free Birdies, briefs have a unique design, and they are more fitted and tighter to the body. They may feel more comfortable with a young boy starting out because they will feel more like a diaper. Since they are fitted, they don’t have the extra fabric like boxers. They will help give your son a little extra support when he runs and acts like little boys will.


The style you choose will depend a lot on what your child prefers. If your child doesn’t like their underwear to be too tight and they want a little more freedom, then they’ll love boxers. Boxers are the most well-known men’s underwear, and many adults choose this style. Boxers may also be better for your son if he’s a taller build, as they may feel a bit more comfortable. It can also be a style that your son will eventually get as he gets older.

boxer shorts

As its name suggests, this underwear is a hybrid model of boxer and briefs. These are the new styles of boys underwear. Boxers have the coverage and length of boxers, but they’re form-fitting, so they’re not as baggy as boxers. They provide more coverage and because they reach longer on the thighs, boys can often feel more secure when around others.

Fabric Matters

According to Wise Geek, it’s not enough to think about the style, you also have to think about the fabric because it can make a difference for a child. Cotton is the most commonly used and purchased material for boys’ underwear. Blends are the second most popular type, but they are also available in silk, nylon, and organic cotton.

It’s always important to make sure that you buy underwear in a fabric that you and your child are comfortable with, and that is easy to clean and maintain. It is strongly recommended that moms stick to a fabric that can be put in the washing machine as there is a good chance she will wash them a lot.

Do they even need underwear?

Although it’s usually not often brought up in conversation, there are those who choose not to wear underwear. This can make mom wonder if her son even needs underwear or if he can just be free. According to The Men Hero, there are certain reasons why mom will want to put her child in underwear. The most obvious reason is to ensure they don’t accidentally expose themselves. Boys love to run and play rough, and if their pants accidentally fall off, they’ll always wear underwear to provide an extra level of protection.

Underwear will also help keep the private space dry, which can be important in the summer when boys are running and playing sports. Since young boys might not be the best at wiping down after using the bathroom, it can help keep any mess out of their pants, which means it’s useful for their overall hygiene.

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