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Mumbai: Gold dust in lingerie lands 18 Kenyans in customs nets | Bombay News


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Mumbai: Eighteen Kenyan women were detained by airport customs for smuggling around 4kg of gold worth Rs 1.6 crore. Gold came in the form of bars, threads, and dust, concealed in a multitude of personal effects, including shoe and lingerie liners, masala containers, and cans of coffee.
The 18 women arrived from the Kenyan capital Nairobi via Sharjah to Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport early Sunday morning. “Looking at such a large and uniform group, also coming from a very underdeveloped part of the world, suspicion was raised that they could act as smugglers for the gold smugglers,” said a source.
Soon, female customs officers were pictured and a thorough inspection of their luggage, handbags and other personal effects was carried out. “At first, nothing emerged as the cover-up was so clever. But persistence paid off and the hidden gold started to emerge, ”the source said. “They had mixed gold powder in masala and coffee… in toothpaste too. They had put gold dust in their lingerie. They had gold thread in their shoe linings.
In the end, 4 kg of gold were recovered from the group. The women, after being convicted of smuggling, told officers they were selling gold in India and pocketing the price difference to buy clothes to resell at their homes. ” It’s tragic. Due to the dire economic conditions in East Africa, ordinary people are forced into crime, especially smuggling. What do you do when poverty is raging around you? We have observed an increasing number of Kenyan nationals involved in smuggling gold as well as other contraband, ”said a senior customs expert.