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My all-time favorite affordable underwear is from Walmart

My all-time favorite affordable underwear is from Walmart

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Sure, you can find comfortable underwear at a lingerie store, but you might end up paying upwards of $50 for one or two pairs. Buying affordable underwear doesn’t mean you have to settle for itchy lace or a stiff material that’s uncomfortable to wear. For example, Walmart’s Kindly Yours collection includes panties made with soft, stretchy fabric and cute patterns. Plus, you can get six pairs from the line for just $20.

While looking for comfortable underwear that wouldn’t drain my bank account, I came across the Kindy Yours collection which includes hipsters, thongs and briefs. I usually wear hipsters while I sleep and flip flops during the day for everyday wear, lounging and working out – slip style shorts are just not my personal preference. A pink and brown leopard print immediately caught my eye, and after feeling the fabric, I knew I had to try them in my two favorite styles.

Paying $40 for 12 pairs of underwear was too good to be true and, I admit, I was a bit skeptical about the quality. To my surprise, they still looked and felt brand new even after being worn all day and put through the wash. I think I’ve found my all-time favorite underwear, and I won’t be going back to high-end brands anytime soon.

Aside from the incredible price, the prints and colors are flattering and help me feel confident in what I’m wearing. The fit is by far the best part of this underwear, though. I have never found hipsters or thongs so stretchy with a comfortable high waist. I live for jeans, leggings, and high-waisted swimsuits, but I had no idea it was possible for everyday underwear to feel so good with an equally high-waisted fit. I purchased a pack of each style and plan to purchase more in the near future to replace some of my current underwear collection.

Kindly Yours underwear is available in sizes XS to 3XL, but some sizes are already sold out in some colors. Add your desired six-pack to your cart now before it’s gone. After wearing these panties regularly, I can understand why they are becoming so popular.