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Nordstrom shoppers are obsessed with these boots for fall, and they’re on sale


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Nordstrom’s summer sale includes the Hilary boots by Sam Edelman.

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We could call it the Summer sale, corn Nordstrom the last shopping event is to refuel fall wardrobe essentials.

Cooler fall temperatures are a welcome alternative to the long, hot summer days that have made combating the heat our top priority. Now that fall is (almost) here, it’s time to step up your personal style with sweaters, jackets and a great pair of boots.

One of the best ways to add a touch of originality to your fall wardrobe is to use a pair of leather boots, like the Hilary boots by Sam Edelman. The versatile boots are currently on sale for $ 100 at Nordstrom, but not for long.

The Nordstrom summer sale ends September 12, so be sure to act quickly if you’re looking to grab some new looks for fall.

Hilary Sam Edelman Boots - Nordstrom

Hilary Sam Edelman Boots – Nordstrom

$ 100 $ 150 in Nordstrom

The details

These luxury leather boots feature a synthetic lining and a 3 inch heel for a versatile look that adds effortless style to any outfit. The Hilary boots are available in black as well as rich brown with a “burnished” finish.

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What people say

Sam Edelman’s fall-ready boots received a 4.7-star rating from Nordstrom buyers, some of whom called them “the best boots.”

“Comfortable even on day one,” wrote one Nordstrom buyer of the “stylish and classic” boots.

“There was no pinching of the toes,” another said of the boots, adding that they were easy and comfortable to walk on all day.

“I’ll be wearing them in 20 years,” said one customer of the timeless boots, which can be worn with jeans, dresses or skirts for fall and winter.

Hilary Sam Edelman Boots - Nordstrom.

Hilary Sam Edelman Boots – Nordstrom.

While there are many positive reviews available, some buyers have noted that the leather on the Hilary boots creased for a more “lived in” look and that some had issues with the “sticky” zipper for their first few uses. While comments on how the boots fit vary, some people have said that the boots fit a size but fit “well” with socks.


If you are looking for a new leather boot for fall, the Hilary Boots by Sam Edelman maybe for you. At $ 100 at Nordstrom’s last sale, these heeled boots can be paired with a range of fall looks and dressy or dressy for any occasion.

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