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Norwood couple find soiled stranger in their basement


CINCINNATI (WXIX) — Imagine getting your kids ready for school and finding a man you’ve never seen before in your basement.

This is what a Norwood couple say happened to them when a man identified by police as James Reddish came into their home to clean their soiled underwear.

The couple, Katie and Eric, say he also asked to use their bathroom.

“We’re dealing with comic relief at this point,” Katie said.

She explains that she found a bag of food and a backpack and assumed it belonged to their children.

“I didn’t recognize the backpack,” she said. “I searched the backpack and figured it doesn’t belong to anyone here. There was like a sleeping mat in there.

Then Katie noticed the basement light was off, which she says it never is. So she called her husband.

Eric went to the basement and said he saw the 37-year-old Reddish.

“He said he [****] his pants,” Eric said, adding that Reddish informed him that he needed to clean his underwear and was looking for a bathroom.

“‘Well, okay man, you gotta get out of here,'” Eric recalled. “Then he’s like, ‘Do you have a plastic bag?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we can get you a plastic bag.’ “Also, I used your blanket here. Hope you don’t mind, but you might want to wash it.”

That was not all. Eric claims Reddish said he was out there charging his phone, “making sure it’s fully charged.”

The police arrived and arrested Reddish. He will be in court on Friday.


The couple threw their underwear in the trash.

Although weird, Eric says he doesn’t believe Reddish is dangerous. But Katie says having a strange man in her home is scary.

“It could have taken so many different turns, which is terrifying, that’s the part that freaked me out,” she said.

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