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Pairs of women’s underwear end up in cars across Sacramento for months – CBS Boston


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOVR-TV) – Pairs of underwear have been appearing on cars in the North Oak Park area since early September. Some residents, however, report that the “frightening” incidents have been going on for much longer and seem to occur especially among women.

On September 4, Caity Maple found a pair of women’s underwear on her car. She “laughed” and told CBS Sacramento that she believed she “knew something was up, but I thought … maybe nothing.”

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When this happened a second time in a week, she said she knew something was wrong, but was not convinced it was worth reporting the incidents to the police department. of Sacramento. Instead, she took a photo and posted it online to neighborhood groups.

The response was “overwhelming”. Maple said several women sent him messages sharing similar experiences. Some of them over the past few months and some over the past two years.

(credit: Caity Maple)

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“If I go out in my car and uncover a pair of underwear, I have to be very careful about how I react or not react because that person might be looking at me,” Maple told KOVR-TV. “It really scared me. Then to hear that several other women in the community are going through or have experienced the same thing was very frightening and very concerning, because who has the time to do it and why do they do it? “

Sacramento Police said there was no evidence to link what happened this month in Oak Park to previous voyeuristic activity earlier this year in the downtown area. As of yet, there is no information on a suspect or a motive.

A spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department said officers added additional patrols after the incidents.

“I hope to raise awareness, number 1. It took me [finding] several pairs of underwear and weeks to get to where I felt like I needed to report it, ”Maple said.

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Tips on Sacramento Police Safety and Crime Prevention are also available online through the Police Department.

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