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People wore Parade underwear like asymmetrical bras, so the brand made real ones.


Parade Asymmetric Bra


It’s official: bras are shirts. And, apparently, underwear is also bras. Listen to us.

You may already be familiar with the heatwave trend away from traditional tops in favor of bras (and tiny crop tops). Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid have come up with several ways to style the look. But innovative fans of the internet famous Parade underwear have created a new way to wear a bra as a top and, yes, that involves wiggling a pair of underwear over your torso to create a DIY asymmetrical bralette.

Whimsical, creative and undeniably fun, the savvy style trick is the epitome of post-quarantine fashion. And after hordes of people tagged Parade in social media posts showcasing the one-shoulder underwear-turned-bra look, the brand took notice. And they raised the bar by dropping an asymmetrical bra inspired by their community’s design prowess.

Part of Parade’s recent Circus collection, which features a host of new colors and patterns, the one-shoulder bra is made from three layers of the brand’s recycled Re: Play fabric. It also has a bit of spandex for stretching and a 100 percent cotton lining for breathable comfort. And unlike the DIY version, the bra comes with a light band under the bust for support.

Parade Bralette Re: Play

Parade Bralette Re: Play


Buy now: $ 34; yourparade.com

Wear the playful bra under clothing or leave it alone as a full-fledged top. With high temperatures giving girls’ hot summer a whole new meaning, there’s really no need for another layer of clothing. Wear it with high waisted jeans, wide leg pants or an asymmetric skirt for added drama.

It comes in four colors, including a bright yellow called Liquid Gold and a fuschia pink called Hula Hoop. And if it looks like the other comfortable bras from Parade, this asymmetrical bra is sure to be your new benchmark.

Choose from one of the 10 included sizes available and add the versatile bra to your cart today. Summer is already halfway there, so take advantage of the weather for bras for shirts while you can.

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