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Q&A: October 17


TODD ​​DAY FROM JONESTOWN, PA: We went to the Broncos game last weekend. I saw or thought I saw Cam Heyward enter the field to score goals. Was this correct and if so how often did this happen?
ANSWER: Cam Heyward has played against special teams since joining the league as a rookie in 2011, and in his full nine seasons leading up to 2021, he averaged 134 special teams games per season . And I’m sure Heyward has at least one blocked goal on his NFL resume.

RYAN HAAHR FROM DEVILS LAKE, ND: Has there ever been a jersey lineup released this year? I’m trying to plan for later this season.
ANSWER: By “jersey line-up” I mean when / if the Steelers will wear colors and / or throwbacks. If that’s what you mean, I think they will be wearing their colored uniforms for a home game this year (I don’t know the date), but I don’t think there will be a home game. back jersey. It’s the best I can do.

DANIEL CARRENO OF PITTSBURGH, PA: Will the Steelers wear their colored uniforms this Sunday against the Seahawks?

DAVID POLLARD OF WARRINGTON, PA: Larry Brown played on all four of the Steelers ‘Super Bowl teams in the’ 70s. The first two he played tight and the last two he was an offensive tackle. It is quite unique. What prompted him to change jobs?
ANSWER: When Larry Brown was inducted into the Steelers Hall of Honor as a member of the Class of 2019, this change in stance appeared in some of the interviews he did around the event. According to Brown, he had injured his knee the previous season and in a subsequent meeting with coach Chuck Noll, Brown said Noll told him that due to the injury hampering his ability to run and cut like a tight end, he was going to have Brown learn the tackle position. Meanwhile, the Steelers used a No.1 pick on Bennie Cunningham, and the team needed more attacking tackles. Brown has become proficient at tackle, and that’s it.

STEVEN COSNER FROM HANOVER, PA: What did you think of Najee Harris’s blocking ability in pass protection so far?
ANSWER: Najee Harris is a willful blocker and in my opinion she has been effective. He puts his nose in it and puts his body between the rusher and the quarterback. He was certainly good enough to be on the pitch in the third downs.

EDMOND’S ROD KEEFER, OK: How surprised were you when the Steelers signed a wide receiver last week? “After all, it’s not fantastic football, it’s the real world, and so this way of thinking ignores things like this new player has to learn a new attacking system and new terminology, make the new player learn. adapt to his new teammates and coaches and his new teammates and coaches learn to adapt to him.Are there any peculiarities in the way he performs certain patterns and how many reps with Ben Roethlisberger will be required before the receiver and the quarterback can be seen on the same page? And when is that extra training supposed to take place, as teams already have a full week just to prepare for the opponent to come? And finally , it’s not like the Steelers are going to take a guy off the streets and put him in the starting lineup or a big role in the offense as a receiver. “
ANSWER: Good job of copying and pasting what I wrote in a previous asked and answered question, which I noted in your submission with quotes. What your copy and paste left out, however, was that the Steelers signed Anthony Miller to the practice squad, and what you had suggested – “What would you think of removing Travis Fulgham from the Eagles practice team? The Steelers would immediately add Travis Fulgham to their active roster. It’s the rule to remove a player from another team’s practice squad, and that’s why I wrote what I did about how long it would take Fulgham to learn the system and terminology and become familiar with new teammates.

GINO CALDERONE FROM HOUSTON, TX: I think James Washington is a quality receiver and playmaker. Doesn’t Ben Roethlisberger trust him or don’t the staff love him? I was surprised to see that the team are looking for wider receivers after JuJu Smith-Schuster’s injury.
ANSWER: The receivers the Steelers were “looking for” following JuJu Smith-Schuster’s season-ending injury were guys they could add to the practice squad, because in addition to losing Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool (hamstring) and James Washington (groin) saw their training participation limited during the week due to injuries.

DANIEL MAZENKO DE LITITZ, PA: Is there a rule in the NFL that prohibits buyout clauses in player contracts? Considering how the great guarantees given to star players can cripple a team if those players injure themselves or fail to maintain their level of performance, it would seem smart to me to have a buyout clause similar to what we see in the hockey.
ANSWER: I’m not familiar with buyout clauses in NHL contracts, but what you explained seems to me to be a way for an NFL team to get around the salary cap. The NFL usually sniffs out this stuff and bans it either with rules or by not approving contracts that would include this in the language.

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