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Rahul Khanna: The Man’s Guide to Buying Lingerie


A lingerie lesson for guys

I want to buy some lingerie for my girlfriend. Should I choose myself, get my sister’s advice (a little awkward) or hit her friends?

—Rachit, Gurugram

Well done for this fun little project! I see no reason to seek awkward advice — trust me, you get it! First of all, do your research (boy, is this going to be nice) and state exactly what you would like to get and where it’s available. Next, take pieces out of your wife’s drawer that fit her perfectly, as you’ll need her size. You’ll also want her to feel really special, so once you’ve purchased the products, plan a romantic, distraction-free evening (or better yet, a weekend) around the presentation, because this, my friend. , is will be as much a gift for you as for her. But hey, I have the impression that you already know that! If it wasn’t a family post I would say send us details on how it went.

Rahul Khanna is a “boutique actor”, whose dress declarations and beauty often make hearts beat faster. It goes by @mrkhanna on Instagram

From Brunch HT, October 3, 2021

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