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Razorback Fans Can’t Travel, So Eric Musselman Will Recruit His Own


When the hooks were announced and it became apparent that Arkansas would have to move from the East Coast area of ​​Buffalo, NY to the West Coast area of ​​San Francisco, there was a lot of talk about traveling to different coasts .

However, if Arkansas somehow survived the first two rounds, the most difficult of travel situations, things would improve greatly in California.

First of all, San Francisco is essentially a second home for Eric Musselman.

As many people saw, when Musselman saw that there wouldn’t be many Razorback fans who could make the trip to Buffalo, he immediately set about recruiting fans from the area in his “spare time. “.

He had his custom shoes painted to reflect the city of Buffalo.

He met everyone who listened to “Bills Mafia” gear and even landed a long private time, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

He then took us on a tour of literally every professional sport in Buffalo and also spent a lot of time openly inflating the city of Buffalo. He even got an official endorsement from the Buffalo Bills on his Twitter, which didn’t go unnoticed in a building full of locals during the Arkansas games.

Musselman also sub-tweeted a reminder to Golden State fans that he used to plan for them to arrest Kobe Bryant. It’s not just a reminder that he’s one of them, but it’s also a nod of respect to Bryant, who as a bitter enemy on the court has been respected. off the field in California late in life.

He also already receives Moses Moody gear from San Francisco and uses it to make the connection that to love Golden State is to love Arkansas too. He also wore his San Francisco Warriors jersey during the press conference above out of respect for his love for fans in the area.

So now you have a former Golden State Warriors coach returning to San Francisco where he has tons of connections and is sure to rock Golden State’s gear while putting a little extra pub behind former Razorback Moses Moody.

But even when the Hogs are just sneaking in some extra practice in Fayetteville, Musselman doesn’t miss an opportunity to recruit more fans by tagging the Razorbacks with #BayHogs.

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It will be interesting to see if he teams up for the San Francisco Dons and St. Mary’s Gaels, two Bay Area teams that face Gonzaga every year. It might go too far to wear clothes from other colleges, but if he does, we’ll find out if the West Coast Conference has SEC-like loyalty or if hatred for Gonzaga wins out.

Somehow, Musselman is going to find a way to even things out as much as possible from a fan perspective. His requests for tickets from people he knows in San Francisco, as well as his mother who will see him coach Arkansas for the first time, far exceeded the three years of ticket requests according to Musselman.

Also, as someone who has taken young men and women to the east coast to compete and to the west coast to compete, I can say with certainty that everything being an hour earlier (especially just after losing an hour the last week) takes something away from your team. However, the energy of starting it all two hours later, giving everyone plenty of sleep and a more natural rhythm is a huge plus.

Lunch at 11 a.m. which would be 1 p.m. in Arkansas is a plus. Eating your team meal around 4 p.m. for a 6 p.m. game means eating at a more natural 6 p.m. gathering in Arkansas.

Speaking of lunch, dinner, or just breaks for entertainment, returning to an area you know as a leader of young men and women makes a huge difference. There’s less stress, a higher quality experience, and there’s just less disruption and opportunity for unnecessary energy consumption.

Gonzaga has a lot of those advantages too, but if there’s any shenanigans from the locals trying to give a team food poisoning or do anything to keep the players up late at night, it’ll be up to the Bulldogs who bring potential blood sickness to the area, not to Arkansas.

That’s the beauty of Muss. He is always recruiting.

One minute it’s stealing from players in your region, the next it’s stealing from fans in your region, which could make for a bit of a shocking environment for Gonzaga.

After all, San Francisco is the city of Musselman.

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