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Richard Madeley leaves fans speechless as he forgoes underwear for Sunday brunch


Sunday brunch viewers joked that Richard Madeley ‘kicked off’ their morning by sharing that he was going commando.

The TV presenter, 66, was on the program on Sunday and quickly confessed to his underwear situation.

Presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer joked about how Richard previously said he preferred to look natural in his costumes.

“Did you come commando Richard Madeley this morning?” they asked.

And the Good Morning Britain star admitted: “Yeah!”

Laughing, he continued, “I wouldn’t volunteer this information, but you put me on the spot on TV. What am I supposed to do, lie?”

Richard admitted that he usually goes commando

Fans had fun.

“Richard Madeley admitting he’s still going commando in the first 2 mins of @SundayBrunchC4 really kicked off my morning,” one person tweeted.

“Only five minutes and you can tell it’s going to be a cracker of a show today,” another joked.

Richard Madeley
Fans were tickled

However, not everyone felt the same about it.

Someone else joked: “Richard Madeley announcing on TV that he’s going commando isn’t what I want to hear until I’ve had a coffee…Or anytime during the day in do.”

Another person posted: “I could have been shocked by the revelation that Richard Madeley does not wear underwear. Yuk yuk yukkety yuk.”

It is well known that Madeley often abandons her boxers.

Richard Madeley
The star has often said he likes to go without pants

Opening up about it on GMB a few years ago, he shared, “I’ve been (commando) forever. I can’t remember the last time I wore pants.”

Presenter Charlotte Hawkins chimed in: “Aren’t you worried about splitting your pants when you’re on the go?”

“Well, I guess that’s the next embarrassment,” he joked.

“I could have walked around with my flies undone – it could be very embarrassing!” he added.

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