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Rihanna is pregnant and Twitter really, really wants a maternity line


The announcement of Rihanna’s pregnancy with her first child isn’t even lukewarm yet, and fans are already pitching in for the mogul’s next business venture: a maternity line…hopefully!

On Monday, Rihanna debuted her pregnant belly in a series of photos with boyfriend A$AP Rocky while strolling through Harlem and fans have been on a frenzy ever since. Aside from the baby’s gender, due date and guest list for what is sure to be an epic baby shower, the Navy (a nickname for fans of the billionaire) has entrepreneurial aspirations which he hopes , will come true. Like Fenty prenatal care, a cookbook, and a maternity line.

Indeed, Twitter was ignited with excitement and wishful thinking. The search term “Rihanna maternity line” started trending on the platform within hours of Rihanna’s epic announcement.

Fans want a Savage X Fenty maternity line

If you thought the anticipation for a new Rihanna album was great, dreaming of a maternity line from the star’s lingerie brand is bound to be even greater. A fan request, “Does this mean there will be a SavageXFenty @rihanna maternity line?!.”

Who knows, maybe it’s hotter than her lingerie line. Rihanna described her line to late night host James Corden during a backstage preview of the recent Savage X Fenty fashion show, now streaming on Amazon Prime. “My foundation is about inclusion, not just because it’s a thing. It’s one thing because people make it one thing,” she said. “But I only know my home, me childhood, my mother. She’s a black woman with curves. I don’t know anything else. So when I do something, I’d be a fool to want to exclude whoever that is. whatever. I don’t care what your height, race, religion. I want you to feel like you represent – ​​represented here.

A Navy fan looks ready to drop the coins on it and tweeted“@rihanna go ahead and drop a Savage Fenty maternity line please and thank you.”

One more tweeted“Rihanna is pregnant. Let’s take this maternity/baby range.

Another is already expecting the designs of a maternity line to be hot. “Rihanna is pregnant! Rihanna is expecting her first child! Her maternity line will be like this (fire emojis),” they tweeted.

MSNBC’s Hayes Brown also chimed in and tweeted“rihanna on the phone with the Fenty product teams to begin developing maternity wear and pre/post natal skincare lines,” and added a GIF of Rihanna rubbing her fingers.

Moms are ready to open their wallets

A fan, who is also pregnant, tweeted“As a 4 month pregnant woman, I welcome Rihanna’s maternity line with open arms and wallet.”

“If Rihanna drops a maternity line, I have no choice but to get pregnant again,” another tweeted.

And what about a baby cookbook? Makeup safe for pregnancy?

We can only hope so! A fan is already showing the culinary news Tweeter“Rihanna will now give us a maternity line or a baby cookbook.”

Another accurately noted that Rihanna would “100,000% kill in the maternity/post-natal game” if she chose to make such a line. “Now that @rihanna is pregnant and won’t be releasing a new album anytime soon, can she design some cute (and comfy) a**maternity/post-natal clothes and lingerie?” the fan tweeted. “Or pregnancy-safe makeup and skincare, she would 100,000% kill in the maternity/post-natal game just by saying. Imagine wearing SavagexFenty maternity clothes while pregnant? OOOOH GIRLLLL if it existed I would give it all my money.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Fenty and Huey! After all, Beyoncé released an Ivy Park children’s line. Why not add a Fenty maternity to the closet? Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were recently named the best dressed couple in the music industry. So needless to say that if a maternity line were to see the light of day, the collection would be pure madness!