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Rosalía wears Kylie Jenner swimsuit on her walk through Mexico – cvbj


Rosalía wears Kylie Jenner swimsuit on a walk in Mexico | .

Recently a video was shared on social media which became a trend in which we could see Rosalía walking through CDMX having a meeting with one of her fans who was riding her motorbike, and a few hours ago the Spanish singer decided to reveal that he’s enjoying a few full days at the pool and the beach.

The Spanish beauty managed to emphasize her great friendship with the Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie jenner wearing one of her brand new swimwear Kylie swim, surely as part of a gift from the businesswoman to use and upload photos for their social networks

On this occasion, we can see that he is spending very pleasant days in Mexico, because as he said in the aforementioned video, he takes a walk and spends a few days relaxing with his partner, the reggaeton singer. Rauw Alejandro.

The famous singer walks in the state of Nayarit specifically visit the Marietas Islands, a spectacular site full of nature, impressive islands with a crater in the center which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.

We can also see that they were having a great time in the crystal clear waters of this place and kissing in this special region of Mexico.

By the time we saw the Swimwear The color yellow, orange and red was the most special, as she looks stunning in this swimsuit that Kylie Jenner surely sent her, as well as we might appreciate some of her more hidden tattoos.


Rosalía enjoys her stay in Mexico and its traditions.

There is no doubt that Rosalía is beautiful and also showed that she has a great personality and that she is very kind but that is not all, we also got to see that they appreciate the Mexican traditions, you can both her boyfriend and her paint themselves as catrines and I had a great time.

Of course, she also went to eat some unbeatable tacos in the Roma neighborhood, and she already enjoys mariachi music, a walk full of culture that amazed her and made her have one of her best trips.

On social networks, images of their passage through Mexico continue to be shared and of course they will continue to share the good taste they have for this place full of culture and of course delicious food and drinks that they have never forgotten.