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Shop These Long Island Home Decor Stores That Target Your Personal Style


Fall is coming – a season of change – and spending a lot of time at home has made many of us want to change the way our homes or apartments look.

Suddenly that once favorite side chair doesn’t do it for us anymore after staring at it for months and months, or we wonder what we might have been thinking when we chose a bold black and white wallpaper for a living room accent wall.

“With COVID, everyone is remaking their homes these days,” says Heidi Kelso, owner of LIDO, a lifestyle brand with a store in Greenport that offers bohemian and coastal-style furniture and accessories. ‘”

So if you’re just looking to modify a few old pieces or completely redo your space, we’ve found boutiques on Long Island for trendy bohemian, coastal, farmhouse, modern and contemporary furniture.

Here’s a look at what some of these stores have to offer at different prices and some tips on what you’ll need to achieve these styles:


The bohemian style has its roots in the 60s and 70s and is inspired by free spirits who led unconventional lives such as constant travelers, writers and actors. In its most original form, it is aimed at all those who wish to create an eye-catching but relaxed hippie atmosphere by combining patterns, textures and intense colors with happiness. You’ve seen the look in movies and TV shows like “Meet the Fockers,” “Mama Mia,” and “Friends,” and it can easily be achieved.

Think of items from around the world and lightly worn items that would make a place feel comfortable and cozy – lounge chairs, plenty of cushions, rugs, velvets, wicker, rattan, candles, and plants everywhere. .

But there are also newer, more tame versions of the decor for those who want a bohemian nod but don’t want to go all out with saturated colors and all that is shabby chic. The look has been redesigned with the use of more earth tones and paler hues as well as white and cream to give a space an always relaxed but more sophisticated and beach-inspired feel.

Coastal decor can make it feel like it’s summer at the beach all year round in a home, which makes it extremely popular in Hamptons homes.


If you want an old-fashioned bohemian look with lots of colorful visuals, some of your best bets are Urban Outfitters, H&M Home, World Market, and Target. If you’re looking for a more modern and refined bohemian style that fits perfectly into a coastal setting, you’ll want to take a trip to LIDO.

Owner Heidi Kelso, a New York-based media executive, opened LIDO in 2012 to sate her passion for Boho furniture after a very successful trial with a pop-up boutique.

At LIDO, you’ll find one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories from exotic locations such as Morocco and Bali at a variety of prices ranging from lotus marble candle holders for $ 45 to furniture up to around $ 2,000. Look for conversation topics in the form of benches, consoles, mirrors, tables, sideboards, and cabinets.

INFO: 132 Main Street, Greenport, 631-477-2350, lidoworld.com


Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip, have created things you will find on the farm upscale and new must-haves with their HGTV series, “Fixer Upper”.

Imagine things that you will find in almost every traditional farmhouse for centuries, and you are there to determine what you should buy to create that warm and inviting look.

The farmhouse style is made up of white tones, wooden elements, and colors found outside such as greens, sky blue and sunny yellow. These are mason jars, wood countertops and flooring, white cabinets, bead planks, apron sinks, oak and maple dining tables, open shelving , accessories and finishes in steel or iron and brick accent walls.

Nothing has to match and antiques and knickknacks can be mixed with unexpected furniture in today’s farmhouse style. A modern chair can be placed next to a vintage sofa and a weathered end table filled with framed photographs.


Owners Jessica Fauci and Shea Rosario know a thing or two about farmhouse style. Red Barn Boutique started out in a barn.

Rosario, a resident of East Patchogue, had a red barn on her property where her sister, Keri, made custom furniture and signs. First an online business, then pop-up parties, then a physical store opened in 2020 when Rosario and Fauci saw the growing popularity of the farmhouse style.

Furniture is transported around the store and custom pieces are still handmade, but this is a larger selection of smaller items that makes the store a place to find things that can give personality. elegant farmhouse. Among them are whimsical panels, wall prints of distressed butterflies and moths, and a honeycomb bottle holder.

Some fun and colorful red, green, orange, and teal cast iron dog tail hooks are just $ 9.50 each, a set of four dough bowl-shaped measuring cups is $ 19, and a distressed wood bike to hang on the wall costs about $ 25.

INFO: 146 S. Country Rd., Bellport, 631-803-0671, redbarnboutiqueny.com


This timeless, relaxed and slightly whimsical style has taken over the home decor world once again through the hit TV show “Mad Men”, and the trend has shown no signs of slowing down. Millennials in particular see this mid-1900s setting as something new, interesting, and different.

Characterized by minimalist silhouettes and refined lines, mid-century furniture was first made popular thanks to the creations of designers such as George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Isamu Noguchi, and its elegant pieces can easily be complement many design styles due to its simplicity reminiscent of Scandinavian decor.

The furniture and fixtures are largely made from light brown to golden woods such as teak – and the upholstered pieces are usually patternless. But a lot of bright colors and patterns can be found in mid-century modern lighting, throw pillows, rugs, and abstract wall art that can feature playful patterns and shapes such as stars, line art. , semicircles and diamonds.


Walk into any West Elm these days and you’ll find mid-century modern pieces, from bar carts, coffee tables and bookcases to sofas, chairs and dressers. If you’re not looking for something ‘new’, try Rosie’s vintage.

Huntington owner Thea Morales opened the store in 2016 and loves everything 1940s to 1960s – her favorite decades. “It seems like the middle of the century draws me in,” she says.

Besides shopping at Rosie’s to give your mid-century modern room some authentic quality, it’s fun to browse the store just to get ideas on what should go in that type of space.

A must-have is the selection of vintage bar items worthy of Don Draper, including drinking glasses and ice buckets with gold designs that look like works of art. They range from $ 5 a glass to $ 100 for an 8-piece Culver set.

INFO: 101 Woodbury Road, Huntington, 631-549-9100, rosiesvintagestore.com


The difference between modern and contemporary styles can be confusing as they have some overlapping elements like a simple, clean look that make them look very similar.

Modern design refers to the early mid-20th century and the height of the modern art movement when there was a shift from decorating homes in the Art Deco style to a simpler look with new textures and colors that have become characteristic of the 50s and ’60s design.

Contemporary does not refer to a specific period, it is more fluid because it reflects what is common in the decor at that precise moment. It is mainly inspired by modernism, minimalist style and the future and takes different forms as trends evolve, while modern furniture remains inspired by the past, with the most popular modern design period being the mid-century modern era.

In terms of color, warm, natural neutrals can be found commonly in modern spaces, unlike a more daring and austere look like black and white which can define a contemporary room.


It is the design center of interior designer Keith Baltimore. It has been featured in home decor magazines and has a showroom filled with modern and contemporary furniture. They can be a bit pricey, but in these decorating categories in particular, you usually get what you pay for.

You’ll find accessories starting at around $ 50, but be prepared to spend around $ 1,500 for a coffee table and up to $ 3,500 for a sofa.

Another place to shop for modern and contemporary decor is Modani Furniture in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, but again, you will need to have wiggle room in your budget.

INFO: 35 Main Street, Port Washington, 516-944-2400, baltimoredesigncenter.com

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