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Sommer Ray flaunts chiseled abs in a tank top and undies


Sommer Ray shows off his winnings!

The 25-year-old model took to her Instagram page to share a series of snaps where she flaunted her incredibly toned physique, delighting her 26.8 million followers. Ray didn’t show what exercises she was doing, but she was sweating a lot, although she still looked gorgeous the whole time.

simply sexy

Instagram | Sommer Ray

In the photos, the famous influencer looked steamy as she wore a black tank top. He had a sleeveless design that showed off his toned arms. She folded the hemline down to her midriff to flaunt her chiseled abs. She paired the top with matching undies that dipped low in the front – showing more of her taut midriff. The back part of the underwear showed off her perky booty.

body goals

In the first shot, Ray posed to one side of the frame, while holding his water bottle. She stared straight into the lens and offered a sultry expression that seemed to titillate her viewers. The second slide showed the model standing sideways while picking something up. The angle showed a glimpse of her behind.

In the third photo, Ray struck a similar pose to the first image, while the next two photos were selfies. The final photo showed the Colorado native posing with her hands along the back of her hips. She bent her left knee, which emphasized the curves of her lower body.

Ray tied her curly locks in a messy bun and sported a no-makeup look. She accessorized with a gold necklace and several rings.

Ray captioned the share with “workouts from home,” adding a lightning bolt emoji. She also told fans about her brand’s “bootay bands.”

Fans show some love

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Ray’s admirers seemed to be falling in love with the post, hitting the like button over 830,000 times at the time of writing. Her admirers also flooded the comments section with nearly 2,500 posts.

“Wow! You are the most amazing woman here on earth! Love the grind,” one fan wrote.

“You look sweaty better,” said another.

“Damm Sommer works the workout outfit I see,” a third social media user remarked.

“Wow you look spectacular sweetie,” a fourth commented.

fitness queen

Ray has always been in fitness. In a previous interview, she revealed that her parents inspired her to be fit.

“My mum and dad are both fitness enthusiasts and I followed in their footsteps,” she told Galore Mag. “My father was a bodybuilder and was my trainer when I participated in the CNP (National Physique Committee). My mum and I did my first competitions together, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

She also said her parents were her role models.

“I’m so grateful for their love and support and the fitness groundwork they gave me,” Ray said.

good genes

In 2018, she shared a collage of her parents’ old bodybuilding photos to her Instagram feed.

“My mom and dad in their late twenties. Genetics plays a big role in achieving your fitness goals, but anyone can achieve and sculpt their body to the best of their own ability,” a- she captioned the share, “Love your own and push hard to be the best YOU you can be.”

Working out can be tiring at times, but Ray has a way of motivating himself.

“I feel like people lose motivation when they’re motivated for the wrong reasons,” Ray said. “Girls may want to train for that summer body, or after going through a bad breakup. But I always make sure that my motivation comes from the intention of my desire to improve myself.

Ray also said that she doesn’t like comparing herself to other women.

“I started competing in NPC when I was 16 years old. I stood next to girls in our twenties/thirties and was compared to them, but nothing compared – we were just at different stages of life (muscle doesn’t mature until you’re in our twenties) . So believe me, I know what that feeling is like,” she recalled.

She continued: “But honestly, I never compared myself, so it didn’t matter if the judges did. I was confident in the hard work and dedication I was putting in for myself. So at the end of the day, I know me and I’m happy with the woman I am. And when you are, you are incomparable,” adding: “My only competition is myself and I want to improve every day.