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Sophie Guidolin arouses controversy over the publication in a bikini for the birthday of her son


Australian fitness star Sophie Guidolin has been forced to defend a photo posing with her 15-year-old son after some criticized the mum’s ‘sexualised’ post.

Queensland fitness star Sophie Guidolin has hit back at trolls who slammed her for posing in a bikini with her teenage son.

The 32-year-old mother of four, who is the founder of the leading online health and fitness program The Bodshared several snaps of his son Kai to celebrate his 15th birthday.

It included photos from her childhood, from her teenage years, to Sophie wearing a green leopard print bikini while hugging him.

“Happy 15th Kai,” she simply captioned the post.

However, the Gold Coast influencer and nutritionist was forced to edit the caption after some of her 500,000 followers had a ‘problem’ with her bikini image.

“WE LIVE ON THE GOLD COAST, Australia. Where to wear a bikini at the beach is so beyond normal, that I didn’t even consider putting a disclaimer on this photo,” she began the post.

“When Kai woke up I was in the pool and yes, in a bikini (as I am most of the time). I wanted a picture right away because he wanted to ride his bike and go out immediately all day.

“Do I have a problem wearing a bikini in front of my sons? CERTAINLY NOT. Why? Because I’m not sexualized with him, and never have been,” she wrote.

“If you have a problem, maybe you should ask yourself why you think you have to sexualize a woman’s body instead of just being a mother and son at the pool!”

Some of Sophie’s followers were dumbfounded people had a problem with her photo.

“It’s disgusting that people even think that way‍️. You’re literally a mom taking a pic with her son on his birthday. I can’t believe people even want to sexualize that,” one follower commented.

‘No idea why all the fuss about wearing bikinis with kids,’ added another, while a third wrote: ‘How sad to have to explain for gods sake, it’s SKIN, we all have it, she’s not naked.”

One follower wrote that although she has a “body she’s proud of”, she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to “pose this way with a teenager”.

“I think it’s more the sexy pose than the swimsuit that’s wrong,” they wrote.

“I don’t think he’s totally comfortable with it either. His body language seems quite tense and uncomfortable to me.

Sophie fired back, saying, “A sexy pose? I hug my son for fucking love!

Others were shocked that she had to explain herself.

“OMG! I can’t believe you have to defend yourself on this,” one woman wrote.

“You shouldn’t have to edit this, nothing more than a nice picture of mom and son.

Sophie revealed that her inbox had been flooded with negative messages.

“You should be reading my inbox right now,” she told one follower, adding a crying, shocked emoji.

“And I also have a photo kiss my daughter on the lips …everyone is going to come after me,” she said.

Sophie, who has six-year-old twins and 14- and 15-year-old sons, said she always wears a bikini in front of her children.

[Because] it’s normal. Having a body is normal, having body parts is normal. It’s not sexualized, it’s not shameful and it’s something I really, really repeat and bring home here with my boys,” she said in an Instagram Story.

“So when they see me in a bikini, they think of nothing but, ‘Mommy is sunbathing, Mommy is going to the beach, Mommy is going swimming.’

“They don’t see me and they’re like ‘Oooo what a sexy ass you have.’ So stop sexualizing the bodies and the bodies will stop being sexualized.

In another Instagram story, Sophie asked her son Kai if he noticed anything wrong with the bikini photo.

“Guys, I just sat down with Kai. He was just coming back from riding his bike and I was like, ‘Dude, did you ever find a problem with my message this morning?’ And he’s like, ‘For real what?’ And I was like, ‘Because I was in a bikini’ – and his response was, ‘You’re still in a bikini.

Sophie, who has won numerous world bodybuilding titles and rankings, reminded her followers that her son grew up watching her compete on stage in a bikini.

“Have you all forgotten that he’s also front row at all my shows?” she said in an Instagram Story, alongside a photo of her boys in their younger years.

“Winning national titles… in a bikini. Traveling the world… in a bikini. Kissing my son… in a bikini.

Since sharing the controversial bikini photo on Sunday, many have continued to defend the mum, agreeing that people should “stop sexualizing bodies”.

“If the thought has crossed your mind that a mother in a bikini next to her son is sexual, then you are doing some inside work and you understand why you even had that inappropriate thought,” one woman wrote.

“It’s a problem of you, not a problem of Sophie and her son.”

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