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Stephanie sells more shocking items after fart pots


After earning more than $200,000 selling fart jars to fans, 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Stephanie Matto is releasing more shocking items for sale.

After shocking many 90 day fiance viewers by selling fart pots, Stephanie Matto is now ready to enjoy her used lingerie and sweaty boobs. The 31-year-old reality star who made her first appearance in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 2 starring Erika Owens, is one of the franchise’s most controversial castmates. Due to Stephanie’s lack of intimacy with Australian resident Erika, many fans were convinced that she faked his same-sex relationship with her to appear on national television. Towards the end of the season, Erika and Stephanie had an explosive fight and broke up.

Soon after, Stephanie started enjoying her reality TV fame. She broke into the adult content industry and started creating videos on OnlyFans. Last year, she launched her own NSFW platform, which was joined by several others 90 day fiance stars like Biniyam Shibre and Larissa Lima. Stephanie also surprised many fans by starting her fart pot business. She claimed to have won $45,000 after farting 97 times in two days. His trade was apparently quite lucrative, but unfortunately it didn’t last long. After a heart attack, Stephanie stopped selling her fart pots.


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That hasn’t stopped Stephanie from making easy money online. She is now selling shocking new items on her NSFW platform, UnFiltrd. Stephanie posted a short video on Instagram to reveal that her used lingerie and boob sweat are available for purchase on her website. She claimed that she started selling these items after “many many many many fan requests.“Stephanie added that she’s been sweating a lot lately lounging around her pool, so she decided to earn some extra income by selling her boobs sweat in a bottle on her.”@unfiltrdofficial page.

Stephanie said: “Check out my links in my bio! Also sells lingerie, bras and other fun things! Let’s have fun ! #sweatbabysweat.“While some 90 day fiance viewers are shocked and disgusted to see Stephanie put her sweaty boobs up for sale, others think she’s a genius for doing that. An Instagram user wrote: “Ok that’s just disgusting. BUT if there are people ready to pay this money.“Another user intervened,”You are creative, that’s for sure, it makes life interesting.“Someone else commented,”Kudos to you for capitalizing on people’s weird fetishes.

It’s hard to believe that some people would actually buy Stephanie’s bras and sweaty boobs. A lot 90 day fiance viewers think the New York resident is lying about her income to stay relevant online, but her luxurious lifestyle suggests she earns an above-average income from her adult-oriented businesses. Stephanie, who is known to be an influencer hunter, has yet to reveal how much income she earned from selling her boob sweat, but fans are sure she may be able to sell over 100 bottles. this summer. It will be interesting to see how Stephanie would present proof of her income for 90 day fiance fans this time.

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