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The 10 best running skirts


Training equipment should be designed with performance, comfort, and style in mind, and some athletes find running skirts the perfect blend of the three. The best running skirts are quick-drying, lightweight, and come in a range of styles, colors, and lengths as unique as the runner wearing them.

Running skirts are usually made from a blend of polyester, spandex, or nylon, so they are moisture-wicking, lightweight, stretchy and breathable. Most options have comfortable elastic belts, and some have adjustable drawstrings so you can find the best fit. Most running skirts have built-in shorts that provide coverage while you move and help avoid chafing, but you can also opt for skirted leggings if you want even more coverage. Additionally, some skorts have grippy silicone hems to help the shorts stay in place. Most running skirts also have pockets where you can store your phone, keys, and other essentials – some even have pockets large enough for tennis balls.

In addition to the fit and number of pockets, there are a few other features to consider. For example, if you run at night, you might want a skirt with reflective details. Alternatively, if you jog on sunny days, you might like a skirt with proven UPF sun protection.

From short skirts to skirted capris, the best running skirts are sure to suit your style. Find your favorite below.


Fan favorite racing skirt

This polyester and elastane running skirt has earned over 6,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and is available in a ton of colors, all with reflective details that make you more visible when running in low light conditions. The moisture-wicking, quick-drying skirt features an elastic waistband with a drawstring for an adjustable fit. There is also a hidden belt pocket. The mesh underskirt shorts have two side pockets large enough for a phone, one with a headphone cable hole.

A reviewer’s point of view: “The shorts are a flexible mesh that won’t pull up and was very comfortable for long distance running. He looks super cute and I only wish I had bought more pairs. I just did 8 miles and no friction or climbs so BIG WIN! “

  • Available colors: 26
  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


Skort with a durable silicone hem

The breathable mesh shorts of this sports skort have silicone stitches along the hem to prevent them from riding up while you run. The lightweight skirt is made of nylon and spandex (with a polyester blend lining), and it features a high-waisted elastic waistband, an adjustable interior drawstring, and stylish pleats at the back. The waistband also has a back zip pocket and a small hidden front pocket. In addition, the shorts have a phone pocket with an earphone cable hole and a ball pocket, so it is also ideal for playing tennis.

A reviewer’s point of view: “This skirt is so soft and comfy and the shorts fit great… there is a band to keep it from going up, but not super tight and the mesh is breathable but covers well.”

  • Colors and styles available: 10
  • Available sizes: XX-Small – XX-Large


A popular running skirt at a great price

This quick-dry sweat-wicking skirt has over 4,000 reviews and an affordable price, making it one of Amazon’s bestsellers. The polyester and spandex skort has an elastic waistband with a hidden front pocket and a back phone pocket, but there is no drawstring to adjust the fit. However, the breathable mesh shorts have side pockets and there are over 20 colors and styles to choose from, making them a versatile and solid choice if you want to spend a little less.

A reviewer’s point of view: “Two things I want from a skirt: no chaffing on the thighs and no pockets! I bought this skirt in all colors for a recent vacation. I was not deceived. The length of the mesh skort is perfect and won’t pull up when I walk. No friction on the thighs at all.

  • Colors and styles available: 24
  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


This skirt with a scalloped hem

The tulip skirt of this lightweight skort is made from wrinkle-resistant polyester, while the stretch shorts are a breathable nylon and elastane blend. The longer shorts are designed to stay in place and reduce irritation while running. The skirt has two exterior side pockets, and the elastic waist has a hidden adjustable drawstring as well as a small pocket.

A reviewer’s point of view: “The material is an excellent heavy swimsuit type material with excellent 4-way elasticity. Pockets are deep and can hold stuff […] The length is excellent on both the skirt and the built-in shorts, which are long enough that they won’t roll up.

  • Colors and styles available: 4
  • Sizes available: 16 Plus – 24 Plus


This running skirt that comes in a lot of prints

In addition to the solid colors, this running skirt is available in a variety of fun prints, including tie-dye, floral and geometric designs. It has earned over 3,000 five-star reviews and is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking polyester / elastane blend. The shorts have a mesh pocket large enough to hold a smartphone, and there is a convenient hole for the earphone cable. Although not adjustable, the skirt has an elastic waistband that stretches.

A reviewer’s point of view: “These are my favorite skirts for running or just wearing on the weekends. Nice high waistband so that they stay in place, and the shorts don’t go up, so no chafing.

  • Colors and styles available: 23
  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


A longer running skirt with UPF 50+ sun protection

This running skirt hits just above the knee on most people and UPF 50+ protection, which blocks 98% of the sun’s rays to keep you safe and comfortable on long runs. The breathable, moisture-wicking skirt is made from a blend of polyester and elastane and has an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring. This model has two side pockets on the skirt and two pockets on the shorts. The other styles on this listing have different pocket options.

A reviewer’s point of view: “This skirt is perfect for walking or running. It is lightweight, wicks sweat and protects your legs from the sun.

  • Colors and styles available: 5
  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


The skirt with integrated leggings

To make running more comfortable during the cold months – or if you prefer more coverage – this running skirt features built-in capri-length leggings. Those skirted leggings are made from polyester and spandex, so they are lightweight and dry quickly. The size of the skirt is adjustable for a better fit, and although there are no pockets on the skirt itself, the leggings have two pockets, one of which has a helmet slot. A popular choice from Amazon, this running skirt has earned over 1,400 five-star ratings.

A reviewer’s point of view: “I love these skirted capri leggings. I have now bought three […] I usually have to pull up my leggings, but these fit right around my waist and I won’t have to worry. I also like the fabric. Very silky.

  • Colors and styles available: 21
  • Available sizes: X-Small – 3X


A knee-length skort with a drawstring at the waist

This knee length racing skirt is made from a stretchy blend of polyester, rayon and elastane that wicks away moisture with breathable mesh shorts underneath. The elastic waist has an adjustable drawstring closure and two small hidden pockets. The skirt itself also has two exterior side pockets. It’s available in a ton of colors and in sets with matching tops, and the skirt has won over 2,800 five-star reviews.

A reviewer’s point of view: “I really like the length for walking / running, but they’re comfortable enough to wear for work in the hot summer months or for a nice outdoor event. I like that they don’t get crowded while walking. and that the shorts are well fitted and not at all noticeable under the skirt.

  • Colors and styles available: 38
  • Sizes available: Small – 3X

With multi-level design, this cute running skirt has a ton of personality while still being easy to move around. The polyester and spandex skirt and attached shorts wick away moisture and dry quickly. It has an elastic waistband, but it doesn’t have a drawstring to adjust the fit. There are no pockets, but this skirt is a light and fun option.

A reviewer’s point of view: “Great skort for running. The material is of high quality and light. […] The shorts are not too tight but are snug enough that they won’t pull up. No friction zones on a 9 mile run.

  • Colors and styles available: 26
  • Available sizes: X-Small – X-Large


This skirt with a pleated back hem

This pleated running skirt has a high waist elastic supportive waistband, and it’s made of stretchy polyester and spandex that wicks away moisture. The belt is not adjustable, but it has a practical zippered back pocket. The shorts have two large pockets for your phone and other accessories, although there is no cable slot for the headphones.

A reviewer’s point of view: “I love this skort! So comfortable and cute. Easily dressed with jewelry but also super comfortable and easy to run for a few miles.

  • Colors and styles available: 21
  • Available sizes: XX-Small – XX-Large