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The 11 best gifts for your wife that she’ll appreciate


The dynamics of Christmas gifts between husband and wife can be complex. Some couples try to outdo each other in a kind of passive-aggressive competition to show who loves each other the most. Some partners like the holidays to be minimal and place restrictions on the quantity and price of the freebies they give. However, many marriages are made up of one partner who is great at giving thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, while the other isn’t as good and ends up buying a bunch of last minute Starbucks gift cards.

Historically, the burden of bad gift ideas has fallen on the husband. But, neither! The manual is here with some great gift suggestions that will keep you out of the doghouse. Whether you only need one great gift, or all 11, these will do.

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The knot journal together

The Newspaper Knot Together on White Background.

If this is the first vacation that you and your new bride have spent together, you’ll want to make it a memorable one. Even though she’s not the sentimental and flabby type, Knot Together newspaper will bring her to tears. This thoughtful journal helps you get through the honeymoon phase and supports a lasting marriage. It provides daily prompts such as “What’s the hardest part about joining my family” or “When did you first know you loved me?” It might seem cheesy at first, but when you think back to your 50th wedding anniversary, you’ll both be glad you bought it. In addition, it’s super affordable!

Set of Hydros Slim pitchers and bottles

A Hydros slim pitcher between two Hydros bottles.

Suppose your wife is the practical type who appreciates a functional gift with an attractive and thoughtful design. In this case, the Hydros water pitcher, slim pitcher, a bottle of water or a gift pack is a great option. These durable, space-saving water filtration devices feature interchangeable filters made from natural coconut carbon in a BPA-free molding. Tiny but powerful, these filters can filter up to two months or 40 gallons of water, whichever comes first, and filter five times faster than the competition.

Aarke 3 Carbonator

An Aarke Carbonator 3 next to a water bottle.

Is your wife a seltzer demon like many women (and men) in the United States? If so, a thoughtful gift she’ll love and dramatically cut your annual budget. Seltzer budget is the Aarke Carbonator 3. This sleek and sleek water carbonator is one you wouldn’t be ashamed to display on your counter. With a precision nozzle and a refillable BPA-free water bottle, there are no cords or batteries – just delicious carbonated water with the push of a lever. Aarke also makes great flavor drops to spice things up.

Brava oven

A Brava oven with a platter of fresh salmon slices and meat slices on it, surrounded by healthy food.

Sometimes investing in an expensive holiday gift can be a life-changing decision for you and your spouse. The Brava is one of those gifts. It is a multifunctional cooking appliance for the kitchen that uses patented Pure Light technology to deliver healthy and delicious food. It comes with thousands of pre-programmed recipes and nine preset cooking functions ranging from reheat to open-air frying, all of which can be controlled from your phone. When you cook with light instead of heat, that means there is no preheating, which means you spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table.

Aether Swamp Pullover

A woman wearing an Aether Marsh sweater and jeans.

This Marsh sweater (or any garment, really) from the chic, urban Aether of Los Angeles will be the perfect gift for the fashionista woman. Initially a brand for men with the mission of creating active outerwear that is both functional and modern, Aether launched its line for women in 2012 with the same principle. Aether also offers a range of shoes and other accessories to complement any garment.

Plants from Plants.com

A hand touching a leaf of a plant in a room.

A gift from Plants.com is perfect for the partner with a green thumb who also likes to stay out of the house. Plants.com offers an extensive shopping experience where you can search for plants by type, lifestyle, or part. They even have special Christmas and gift options. While shipping plants may seem questionable, we’ve tested it and they arrive at your doorstep looking healthy and in pristine condition. Plus, if your wife isn’t the best at keeping plants alive, each plant has detailed plant care instructions. Plus, the plants on Plants.com are reasonably priced, just in case you need frequent replacements.

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De’Longhi La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine

A De'Longhi La Specialista Arte espresso machine next to a cup of espresso.

Like the Aarke Carbonator 3, another great holiday gift that could end up saving your family, in the long run, is the La Specialista Arte. De’Longhi Espresso Machine. This espresso machine offers the same tools your baristas use at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. By making your own lattes, americanos, and double espressos at home, you can spend the money you save by buying daily coffees, for example, for better coffee in general.

Leeway flute glass

A Leeway flute glass on a white background.

This Leeway Flute Glass Set is a great way to get ready to celebrate the New Year. Leeway sells crockery, glassware and cutlery selected to reflect the way real people live life. He knows that the plates and glasses break and the spoons fall into the trash. That’s why Leeyway offers designer quality home products at affordable prices.

Sub club

A woman in blue-green underwear drinking champagne.

At some point during every marriage, the husband thinks it is a good idea to buy his wife a sexy set of underwear or lingerie. While sometimes it works, often it’s the wrong size, or the wife looks at the husband with that “you’re kidding, aren’t you? »Expression. Instead, why not gift her a subscription to a female-owned underwear company that knows what women (and men) want? With subscriptions, your wife can choose between matching sets (a great full lingerie set) or pantyhose (1-2 pairs of luxurious stockings) per month. All memberships are curated by Underclub’s expert stylists based on your wife’s preferences and feedback.

H20 + Refreshing Moisturizing Gel

An open and unopened jar of H20 + Refreshing Moisturizing Gel.

When it comes to skin care products, women themselves have a hard time finding and sticking to a product they love. This is why most husbands don’t have a great track record of gifting beauty products to their partner, but H20 + helps turn the tide. H20 + uses strict European and Japanese quality standards that restrict the use of over 1,600 ingredients deemed to be harmful. On the other hand, the American standard prohibits only 30 of them. The products of the mark use a system of hydration with double distribution of the technology of pure water which is never tested on the animals and contains only perfumes. of natural origin. The refreshing gel Moisturizer is one of the top rated products, but H20 + has plenty of gift options.

Trifecta meal subscription

A vegan dish from Trifecta.

If there’s one thing most women like, it’s clean, balanced diet. Well, at least most of the time. Trifecta provides fresh meals backed by science to deliver maximum nutrition. Although the brand targets athletes, Trifecta is the perfect option for anyone looking to develop healthier eating habits. Professional chefs and nutritionists prepare Trifecta’s menus to bring you new, fresh and exciting meals every week.

One big objection that some people have to using the service is that you can choose between clean, paleo, keto, vegetarian, or vegan meal plans. However, you can’t really choose your meals. After having had the opportunity to try a week’s meal we can say that they were all delicious and there hasn’t been one that we haven’t enjoyed. Besides healthy eating, Trifecta meals are a great time saver for anyone looking for a quick and healthy meal but can’t go to the market or cook.

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