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The Best Rowing Machines on Amazon in 2022


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Working out at home has long been synonymous with smaller equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands and yoga mats. But if our readers’ shopping habits are any indication, that tradition is changing. Between gym closures and a greater sense of widespread germ-related caution, people are making room for bigger machines at home in a bid to skip the gym entirely.

During the pandemic, our readers have shown unusual interest in Amazon’s home rowers, marking a shift in how people exercise at home, how much space they’re willing to put in, and even what people buy on Amazon.

The trend also makes sense. Not only do rowers tend to be more compact than something like a treadmill, but many people, including Olympic athletes, thinks training is just better. A rowing routine is time efficient, activates a wide variety of muscles, and is suitable for people of almost any age and fitness level. And with its convenient shipping options that avoid fees for oversized products, it makes sense that Amazon is where people order them.

Below are the models our readers purchased most frequently over the past year, many of which came from our guide to the best rowers.

The most popular rowing machines our readers have purchased on Amazon