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Toni Storm describes WWE’s terrible idea of ​​embarrassing her in her underwear


Toni Storm’s short-lived run on the WWE main roster is best known for an angle near Thanksgiving last year where Charlotte Flair smashed two pies in her face.

During an interview on the Unrestricted AEW podcast, Storm was asked about this pie-in-the-face segment. She said it was actually one of her best moments in WWE, and way better than their original creative idea for that night:

“I was actually pretty happy with that segment that day because it was so much better than the original idea. The original idea was… I got called and asked if I was comfortable with having my shirt ripped off, or something like that They wanted to do this whole angle where it was like they were going to rip my shirt off so I was going to be… embarrassed in my underwear, I guess. I don’t know. When you’re asked if you’re comfortable doing this, and it’s like people are literally being fired every week, it’s like, well yeah … I guess I’m comfortable with that. I guess I’m going to do that. But then a lot of people fought to keep it from happening because it would have been a terrible. A terrible idea.

“So to be honest, the pie was actually…it was a pretty sweet treat compared to what it could have been. Looking back, I don’t really mind. You know what? I’m not even Not mad People think I’m so crazy about this I think it’s hilarious Standing there covered in pie!

“It was a good day. Not a painful memory at all. It was a good…it was one of my best times.

Storm brings up an important point: when your peers are fired left and right, there’s added pressure to go along with WWE’s really bad creative ideas, even when the performer isn’t comfortable doing so. .

What do you think of WWE’s original creative plan for Toni Storm, Cagesiders?