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Twitch streamer Sweet Anita plans to sell used underwear after shocking prices


Twitch streamers can make a lot of money from their streams alone, but Sweet Anita is now considering another business. After her mods surprise her with potential prizes, she questions the internet about the underwear market.

Back in July, Sweet Anita Has Considered Leaving Twitch entirely because of the “mental toll” of scary fans. Now his moderators have found a way to address the more… intimate interests of his fans.

In a tweet shared on October 20, Anita revealed that her mods have some exciting new selling points. From “dirty sanitary ware and socks” to “underwear and fabrics,” the streamer’s team believe they could make a lot of money by selling second-hand items on the side.

So a blown away Anita turned to the internet for answers – asking what price the aforementioned “products” might sell for.

Sweet Anita asks about the price of underwear

As you can see from her tweet, Anita is somewhat confused by the whole perspective. Referring to the intimate articles, she questioned Twitter: “I legitimately don’t think I would make £ 2. They think someone would pay £ 5,000, tell them they are wrong.

At the time of writing this article, the internet has a pretty strong opinion on the matter. With a whopping 78.6% majority, people are okay with mods that Anita’s used and dirty items could sell for thousands of pounds.

In the responses, people quickly let Anita know that her mods were right and the previous one was there. Without surprise, Belle Delphine’s bathwater strategy was quickly mentioned as a proof of concept.

As of yet, however, Sweet Anita hasn’t signed on to the idea. So her more than 330,000 Twitter followers will just have to wait and see if the underwear hustle and bustle becomes a reality.