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Uckfield mom starts lingerie business with mission to improve all women’s body image

Beth kates

Beth Kates, a mom of three from Fairwrap, said she wanted to make beautiful underwear for women of all ages and shapes.

Beth, a former dancer, said she would constantly see airbrushed and young women with so-called “perfect bodies” and that she was keen to create a change in the industry and help all women feel glamorous. and comfortable in their own skin, whether they are racing at school or at a party.

Having no retail experience, Beth started Liberty & Love and uses real women of different shapes as role models. She wants to make sure the models are relevant.

Beth said; “During the first lockdown, I found myself shopping online for new sleepwear and lingerie. I was so disappointed with the marketing of women’s underwear.

“My 16 year old daughter’s inbox was also full of ads showing perfect bodies, sulky models, pictures of girls with clearly improved implants and overly padded bras and I’m sure they didn’t. is not what should inspire our daughters.

“I saw a lot of advertisements and I felt like I was forgotten too. I’m 50 and I always want to look the best I can, even when I’m in school. I certainly don’t identify with the unrealistic images that dominate underwear marketing and these aren’t images that I want to inspire my daughter with.

Since launching just four months ago, Beth has received positive reviews from women of all ages about her product and how she markets it. Beth says all women should “love the skin they are in.”

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