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Underpants are the chafe-proof shorts you’ll want to show off – here’s why


Once the temperature hits 70 degrees, I can tell you one thing: you won’t be catching me in pants until fall. Skirts and dresses are lighter, easier to wear on hot, humid days, and are just a cute option that vibes with my summer style better than shorts or jeans. Of course, my favorite warm weather garment brings with it a huge problem – the dreaded thigh chafing.

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As a woman blessed with thick thighs that do Don’t lie, I’ve tried many options to combat thigh chafing, including chafing sticks and wearing biker shorts under my skirts. But these traditional solutions come with their problems. I tend to sweat any chafe stick I ride on, and a lot of biker shorts restrict my movement or feel the need to double up as shapewear in ways that I find uncomfortable. And that’s why I was so excited to learn more about Undersummers. It’s a brand of thigh protection clothing that thinks differently.

What makes the subsummers different?

Undersummers is a small, women-owned company that makes underwear that protects your legs and thighs from chafing. That’s it! Unlike many other brands in this space, Undersummers are not designed for compression, nor are they shapewear meant to change the natural look of your body. They are just a lightweight option that avoids chafing while feeling like a second skin.

One of Undersummers most popular offerings is the “Shortlette”. Made with a seamless inner thigh design and silky, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable, the Shortlette is designed to be worn on its own, as an undergarment. The gusset of the Shortlettes is made from 100% cotton, so you don’t need to double up for a warm, bulky look and feel. Really, it’s a godsend for the hottest days of the year.

A great aspect of shortlets is that they come in a variety of inseams. The shortest is a 5-inch boxer brief, with a lightweight, silky polyester/spandex blend body (with, of course, a cotton gusset). Unlike many boxers, these are meant to be worn all day (and all night) and are designed not to bunch up whether you’re running around town or watching a Netflix marathon at home. Oh, and they have a hidden pocket, making them perfect for travel.

Inseams go all the way down to the 15-inch-long leg style, which has a comfortable high-rise fit and the same silky, moisture-wicking fabric and hidden pocket. These Shortlettes can add a modest touch to any outfit or work beautifully under long skirts.

Another great aspect of Undersummers is that the brand includes the size. They range from Small to 5X, and the largest size can fit a waist up to 58 inches and a hip up to 66 inches.

Anti chafing underwear you’ll want to show off

My favorite thing about the Shortlette is that they have some really cute styles that I love want to show under my skirt. Check out the New Pockets Shortlette Slipshort. Not only do these shorts have a 9 inch inseam that covers every possible area that could chafe, but they have lovely lace around the hem that will look so cute under your skirt. Go ahead and twirl!

If you really want to go for a fun and edgy look this summer, the 7 inch inseam doesn’t have pockets like the 9 inch one does, but it does. Is come in very playful colors and prints.

I mean, just to bright cherry red, wild leopard, and retro-inspired polka dot options. These can totally work as pants if you want them too, which is an ideal summer vibe.

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The hottest days of the year are still ahead of us, so now is the perfect time to invest in some cool and cute anti-chafing underwear that won’t look or feel constricting. And Romper readers can get $10 off online orders from Undersummers. How? It’s super easy, just enter the code SUMMER10X at the register. Soon you’ll be well on your way to easy, breezy and comfortable summer days.

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