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Victoria’s Secret replaces Lipsy at Festival Place store


A lingerie brand has replaced the old Lipsy section within the Next store in Festival Place.

The fashion label was pulled from its usual location in the store in late September, with shoppers bewildered by its sudden demise.

But now it has been replaced by lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, with center director Neil Churchill calling the new addition “perfect in the run-up to Christmas.”

He said: “Next is already an incredibly popular part of Festival Place and is known for its consistency of style, quality and value for money.

“Bringing Victoria’s Secret to the store will be a huge bonus for our customers – and perfect as Christmas approaches.

“We have a huge selection of fashion and beauty retailers at Festival Place, and adding such an iconic name to the list is very exciting. ”

Festival Place describes Victoria’s Secret and VS Pink as offering “a dazzling array of lingerie, beauty products, sleepwear, yoga wear and hoodies.”

The US lingerie and beauty apparel retailer went into receivership last year and Next entered into a joint venture deal to save the UK company.

A much larger housewares section is also planned on the upper level of Next on Festival Place.

However, the news of Lipsy’s disappearance was not well received by a single client.

The disappointed customer, 31, had visited Next in Basingstoke to purchase a dress for a wedding shortly after it closed.

She said at the time: “It’s such a shame because Lipsy is always advertised on Next Basingstoke and it wasn’t until I followed the signs upstairs that I saw all the beautiful dresses had disappeared and had been replaced by photo frames.

“As beautiful as the photo frames are, I don’t think I could get away with a wedding. It’s sad news that Lipsy has closed its branch at Next.”