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Weighing problem: Russian boxer had to take off his underwear – comedy video


Artur Beterbiev / instagram.com / arturbeterbiev

Russian boxer Artur Beterbiev was unable to reach his division limit during the weigh-in ceremony ahead of the fight against American Marcus Brown. He had to resort to extremes and remove his underwear.

Even getting naked didn’t help

The official weigh-in ceremony was nervous for the Russian boxer. He had to stand on the scale completely naked.

However, even the absence of underwear did not help the athlete.

The scale beneath him showed 79,453 kilograms, which is 75 grams more than the limit for the light heavyweight division. He risked losing all his league titles.

Video weighing

The athlete had several hours to lose weight. In the end, the Russian still managed to cope with it.

Meanwhile, Beterbiev’s rival had no problem with the weigh-in.

The fight between Beterbiev and Brown will take place on December 17 in Montreal.

  • The Russian made his professional boxing debut in 2013. He fought his last fight in March 2021, knocking out German Adam Dines. In total, Beterbiev has 16 victories in 16 fights. He won all the fights by knockout.
  • Brown, 30, has 24 wins and one loss.

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