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Why do boxers have this hole on the front? The underwear brand explains


The construction of pyramids, the nature of dark matter, and the small hole on the front of the underpants. These are some of the greatest and most enduring mysteries of our time.

Fortunately, we are able to shed some light on the last of these three puzzles.

Underwear brand Sheath recently explained why they made holes in the front of the underpants. Technically known as the fly, they say one of its main purposes is simply to make it easy for men to get their penises out to urinate without lowering their boxers. – Who would have thought!

“The hole in your boxers is also called a fly”, the brand of underwear explained on their site.

“You are free to call them whatever you want, but the functional term is always fly. Why is it there? You guessed it! The purpose of the fly is to make it easier for you to pee when wearing boxers. . “

However, Sheath also cites a poll which suggests that only 1 in 5 boxers actually use the hole for this purpose. They suggest that the fly might have another function in modern boxers as well: to provide comfort and support to the lower regions.

They explain: “Today’s modern underwear is nothing like what men wore just a few decades ago. “

The actual pocket where the fly is located has also changed dramatically. This area used to be flat. This design does not give a man a natural way to shape his penis. Fortunately, men today have a better option. The new men’s boxers and briefs have a design that actually has a more spacious pocket. This new pouch design gives the man more definition, comfort, support and freedom, ”they add.

Another mystery solved. Knowledge is power.

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