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Why Joc Pederson wears a pearl necklace during Braves games: “It’s a mystery to everyone”


A pearl necklace can be an ideal accessory for many formal occasions. A chic evening. A marriage. A baseball game?

For Braves outfielder Joc Pederson, he will take the latter. Pederson has been seen wearing a pearl necklace in playoff games, and he’s found success wearing it. On Monday, he had his third hit in as many hits in the playoffs and his second homer.

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“It’s a mystery to everyone, they’ll never know,” said Pederson, cigar in hand, after his team won the NL East Division on September 30.

Why is Joc Pederson wearing a pearl necklace?

Pederson has sometimes gone further than leaving this as a mystery, but his explanations are not as deep as one might like.

At one point he told The Athletic’s David O’Brien it was because he was “a bad b—”.

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According to MLB.com’s Mark Bowman, Pederson explained that there was “not much behind” his decision to wear it.

“I like it. It looks good,” Pederson said.

The first time he was seen wearing it was on September 30, when his team won the division. He has since completed three home runs, including one in the last game of the regular season in the team’s penultimate game in the regular season and two in the first three games of the playoffs.

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As long as he keeps hitting the dingers, there will certainly be no one to complain about his choice of accessory.

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