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“Winter House” star Craig Conover to wear eye makeup whenever he gets the chance


“It’s not my closet I’m sitting in right now,” said Craig Conover, laughing when we spoke earlier this month, just before. Winter house created. He had his iPad propped up, ready to discuss the first season of the new Bravo series, from the New York apartment of his co-star and now girlfriend Paige DeSorbo. It was also revealed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this week that she will be making appearances in the new season of Southern charm, that they are now filming in Charleston, and that Craig has been there Summer house during the filming of the new season which is expected to air in early 2022.

However, while best friend Austen Kroll said he could totally see the sparks light up between the two during their time in Vermont, Craig explained to me why he considered himself a good boyfriend and how that meant. that he was available to serve as an in-house therapist for the rest of his own Winter house Flatmates. We also discuss his love of theme nights, how many times we can expect to see him fall down the stairs this season, and what it’s been like to have ex Naomie Olindo back in the game. Southern charm to mix together.

Decider: In the first episode, you declare a play right away. Do you stand by this decision?

Craig Conover: Oh yeah. Whenever I go on such a long trip, I just need my own space and am not used to the shared house. This frame, I have never done that on fraternity weekends in the mountains and it was only 3 days. If it was just a 3-5 day trip I would have been fine, but knowing that I was there for two weeks… I just wouldn’t choose to go on vacation without my own place. So I was a little surprised when we got there that not everyone had their own room, but I would have gone crazy if I hadn’t had my little space. Sneakily, I had the best room while everyone was arguing over the big room.

Do you think it was for the best that you were in a relationship at the time? And because you were, what did it teach you about this relationship and yourself throughout the experience?

I really enjoyed being in a relationship at home because it allowed me to step back and be everyone’s mentor and advisor, which for better or worse I often end up by being in this position. But I was really able to make real friendships with all the girls in the house without there being any curiosity about my intentions or if we were going to ruin that friendship by going online. Basically I was banned and became like a brother to a lot of them.

Natalie and I started dating in quarantine, it was a quarantine relationship. The world had just started to open up again just before I went to Vermont and things kind of changed when the world opened up. When it was just her and me at home we were great, but it’s not the real world. So we had started to fend for ourselves a bit and this trip was going to either make us stronger or make us realize that it was probably not right for us. So you will be able to see how it is going and this journey that we are taking. But we were both very respectful and that just adds a different dynamic to the show.

Well, they say sometimes the best relationships start with friendships, so I think a lot of people are going to be watching this season, maybe looking for some romantic seeds to plant. Do you think we might be able to see them along the way?

I really do not know. I consider myself a very good boyfriend. So you just have to watch I guess. The good thing is you can see the whole process over the months, with all the shows you can really see us grow up and become friends and then it becomes more than friends and I think we’re in a very good place and we are happy.

What was it like being with Austen this time, seeing all these women fall in love with him?

I was happy for him. It’s really nice to see him move forward. He’s one of my best friends and I care about him. So when we got home and logged out, it was really cool to see him and Ciara start flying the sparks. Seeing him have fun again, Austen, is great and I totally agreed. Yeah, the Lindsay thing, it was funny because, as you’ll see this season, I’ve known that for a long time. They always had a thing for each other and I was like, am I going crazy? I was a bit of a talker before she got there and I was like, did I make this up in my head? And then you’ll see what happens, and I was like, I knew I wasn’t crazy.

How does this experience differ from the Southern charm experience for you? Did you like the 24 hour cameras?

It is very different. Glad to see a lot more of our positivity, humor and happy stuff. But with that comes the evil also because you will see us much more intoxicated in this show than you will see in Southern charm, which is hard to believe. With surveillance it’s 24 hours so it should be a lot rawer and I’m excited about it because I think the good outweighs the bad. Sure, we’ll all probably be embarrassed by some things, but it took about 5 days after I left when I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night looking for the red light [laughs]. But I’m delighted, especially for me and Austen, that you get to see a completely different side of us that I hope we’ll be big fans of.

How many times have you fallen down the stairs?

[laughs] Yeah that’s really funny. I think twice, I think there is another to come. But the fact that they can see that, the little, little things are sometimes the funniest. So I think you will have a lot of them this year. I’m not the only one to fall down the stairs this year. You hear this “Ouch! ” sometimes.

I know you like themed parties and I know you get down to it and I really appreciate it with you. How does it feel to dress up a lot as an excuse to get drunk?

I think I’m in makeup for half of the show. Because I just go down to the girls’ room and if I get a chance to do my eye makeup, I take it. But the really cool thing about the friends we had in Vermont was that everyone participated. Everyone got dressed and I think we ran over a lot of them. Going down and seeing everyone and getting ready, it really allows you to really immerse yourself in the holidays. There weren’t any sour grapes which were too cool for school, which is a hint of one of our theme nights, actually. By the time summer arrived I think I was away from the themes, but in Vermont we really enjoyed them.

You also raise the oral sex versus cheese debate.

Yeah, I think Paige told me she agreed with me. I studied Women and Gender in my senior year and it turned out to be an amazing class at the College of Charleston. There were only three guys in the class and we would all sit in a circle and have these crazy conversations and I was learning a ton of things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. But once [the professor] asked us that question and I thought, I think this is the best question I’ve ever been asked, that’s really good. And that’s a part of the stuff on this show that’s going to be great because we’ve got a little bit of liquid courage and we’re all good enough to be ourselves, for better or for worse.

I wanted to hear your thoughts on our new friends Gabby, Jason, Julia and Andrea. Something you want to let us know about them?

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I think chemistry is just something really amazing and really lucky. Even though most know each other, it’s hard for 12 people to go on vacation, even with my group of friends to Charleston, and not have big worries. But we went on vacation for three weeks and had a great time. Not to say that there are no problems, but at the end of the day we left as friends.

Well I think we’re all excited to see you being the voice of reason throughout the season.

What does that tell you? We had some crazy and deep conversations while we were there and I hope everyone can see them because everyone is helping each other to search their souls. It’s good. Kyle is very open to me. Everyone has their people they go to and they just start talking and you’re like “okay yeah, if you wanna tell me that.” I feel like people usually want to say things to me, but I still have an ear to listen.

What can you say about what’s going on in Charleston now? How is this shooting going?

It’s fun because I love that Bravo finally ditched the barriers and we’re kind of like the new Marvel Universe. I love crossovers and you will see some new faces that will be really fun and refreshing. Plus all the reasons you love Southern charm Are still there. The boys are always up to their idiocy and the girls are great and it’s growing up, it’s new. It’s hard for things not to stagnate and get stale, but a lot of us have grown so much and there is so much that changes. I mean, it’s been a year since you last saw us, so there’s a lot of catching up to do.

Are we surprised to talk about Naomie’s potential reappearance?

She’s back in Charleston which is great. I think she finds herself happy and… you know Charleston is a small world. It’s impossible not all to be in each other’s life when you live there. This is kind of the reason why I moved to Bahamas and left town and love to come [to New York], I’m in town right now, it’s just a healthy balance.

I want to have an update on Sewing Down South. How is the store, how is the business?

It’s going great. We have just crossed a huge milestone that we would have been happy to cross in a whole year and we reached it in four and a half months. The store will look to the holidays on November 1, so it will look like the North Pole. I’m really excited for this. We have a wonderful staff, we have about 14 employees there. I want to have a snowmobile in the store and they say, “Yeah Craig, because you don’t have to clean it. I’m like “Yeah, well, that’s gonna be awesome.” But we have a new line of holiday candles, a new line of holiday pillows and blankets, and we will soon be launching our non-profit, the Craig Conover Foundation. It’s something that I really look forward to following in Bethenny’s footsteps. But Sewing Down South has donated over $ 100,000 so far in its three years of existence. And that means we can have black tie galas and stuff like that. It’s just growing up and it’s fun and I think we have a bright future and definitely keep busy. The structure of the store and the law firm just makes me healthier. I love hanging out at the store, I meet hundreds of people every week, its a great time. We’ve got drinks in there, great music, and it’s just fun.

Winter house airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on Bravo.

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