Home Underwear Woman mortified after ordering Boohoo dress that didn’t even cover her underwear

Woman mortified after ordering Boohoo dress that didn’t even cover her underwear


TikTok user Kara Hall thought she bought a discounted Boohoo dress for New Years Eve – until she arrived and found out there was a major flaw

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TikToker Shares Hilarious BooHoo Dress Order Results

Online shopping is great, but the only discount is that every once in a while you might get an item of clothing that absolutely doesn’t look like what it had on the website. We’ve all been there.

But, while most of us have known the heartache of buying a night out and it ends up being slightly too big or slightly too small – a woman’s shopping disaster is in a league of its own. go.

Kara Hall decided to treat herself to a plunging black sequin wrap dress by Boohoo for her New Years Eve party, and it was a steal at just £ 8… or so she thought.

Kara thought she bought a knockdown dress from Boohoo


@ karahall40 / TikTok)

But it didn’t even cover half of her body


@ karahall40 / TikTok)

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When the dress arrived and Kara tried it on, she released that she wasn’t just plunging – she didn’t even cover the majority of her body.

Taking TikTok from the handle @ karahall40, Kara asked, “What should I do?” before adding in the comments section: “Raise your hand if you’ve been a victim of Boohoo personally?” ”

Judging from the comments section, it looks like a lot of people are raising their hands, as dozens of TikTok users revealed that they also ordered the exact same dress and found the same flaw.

“Nooo, I ordered this and it looked exactly like me, I was mortified. Had to send it back,” commented one TikTok user, while another added: “Omg, I bought this also and I sent it back for the exact same reason! “

Luckily, Kara confirmed that she was able to modify the dress herself in the comments section, meaning it wasn’t a complete waste and that she didn’t end up without a Christmas Eve outfit. New Years. Phew!

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