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Women stole Nike men’s underwear from Kohl stores, police say

  • Police say three women stole approximately $1,800 worth of men’s underwear from a Kohl’s store in Newnan, Georgia.
  • Kohl’s says they stole Nike men’s boxer shorts, which cost between $26 and $40 from Fox 5 Atlanta.
  • More than $6,000 worth of high-end men’s underwear was stolen from area Kohl stores, police say.

A gang of shoplifters in Georgia are accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of men’s underwear from multiple Kohl’s stores, according to Fox News affiliate station Fox 5 Atlanta.

Surveillance footage shows three women squatting on a display case in the men’s department of a Kohl’s store in Newnan, Georgia, in the Atlanta metro area, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Footage also showed the women leaving the store, carrying goods in large bags, without paying for the items, according to local media.

The Kohl’s store said women were looking for men’s Nike boxers, which Kohl’s website said cost between $24 and $40 for a three-pack.

Kohl’s did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, says the women got away with about $1,800 worth of underwear from the Newnan store alone.

The women, and possibly others, are suspected of stealing men’s underwear from other Kohl’s stores in Georgia, the sheriff’s office said.

More than $6,000 worth of underwear was stolen from stores in Marietta, Woodstock and McDonough, police said, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Toby Nix of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 5 Atlanta, “These girls come into the store, fill up reusable shopping bags and walk out. Not a worry in the world.”