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Zorbies premium quality washable and reusable incontinence underwear for men and women is now available in the UK.


Zorbies Incontinence Underwear

Zorbies Absorbent Underwear
Zorbies Reusable Incontinence Underwear

Zorbies reusable incontinence underwear is now expanding its distribution in the UK, as well as 100 other countries.

Based on how American consumers have embraced Zorbies over the past two years, we believe our brand has international appeal.

—Michael Alexander Krzyston

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zorbies is an American brand of washable and reusable incontinence underwear for men and women that has so far focused solely on the market American. The brand is now expanding its distribution to the UK, as well as 100 other countries, via eBay.

“Based on how American consumers have adopted Zorbies over the past two years, we believe our brand has international appeal. Customers are adopting Zorbies over disposables and other washable brands because they love the superior protection and confidence they get from the extra coverage and superior absorbency of Zorbies. Some even liken it to a new breath of life. And comfort comes up in almost every conversation and review, and c is an important part of our 5-star ratings. Customers, especially men, love that Zorbies look like regular underwear, and Zorbies have even been called sexy! Many customers also tell us that they feel good about helping the environment by not dumping hundreds of disposables a year in landfills.We think all of these reasons will also resonate well across the board. the international, and that is why we are now addressing the UK market. said a Zorbies spokesperson.

The brand’s women’s line includes women’s Zorbies, a winning blend of superior performance, style and comfort. Zorbies classic style washable dry pants have one of the highest levels of absorbency on the US market, managing 20-25% more moisture than other leading brands. This superior protection is offered by our exclusive Multi-Layer Absorption System which has more coverage, more layers. Most other reusable incontinence underwear for women is protected only in the small crotch area. The Zorbies have a wider and higher front protection panel, multi-layer absorption in the “crucial” zone, as well as moisture management throughout the extended protection zone. Soft, silky, 4-way stretch fabrics and a wider no-roll waistband are responsible for the Women’s Zorbies 5-star ratings for comfort.

The brand’s male products include Zorbies for men with an exclusive built-in absorption system and PocketWear for men for use with incontinence pads for men.

Zorbies for men have several features that set them apart from other washable incontinence briefs on the market, starting with the front protection panel that is up to 50% wider to catch leaks facing east or west . The product also has more protective layers, up to 8 in the highest absorbency product – this adds up to 30% more total coverage and protection. A contoured pouch and soft, 4-way stretch fabric are the comfort factor in the product’s 5-star rating. Pouch provides comfortable support. 4-way stretch outer fabric provides a snug fit for gap-free coverage and flexibility for easy, comfortable range of motion.

Men’s Washable PocketWear is padded men’s underwear that is completely unique to the US market. It is designed to help pad wearers get better protection from their incontinence pad by keeping it more securely in place. PocketWear has a 2-layer pocket. The first layer wicks moisture into the cushion, the second layer under the cushion is waterproof to reinforce the moisture barrier of the cushion. The product adapts to many sizes and levels of pads. If needs change, just choose the right buffer to meet those new needs.

About the Zorbies
Zorbies is a premium brand of high quality washable protective underwear for women and men. Product lines include:

Men: Men’s Zorbies | Incontinence Pocket Clothing for Men | Men’s Incontinence Sportswear

Women: Zorbies for women | Women’s Padded Underwear | menstrual underwear for women

How to find us, get product details and buy:

• Explore Zorbies and get product details on our official website – start at zorbies.com home and don’t miss our reviews
• Visit our international page for a full list of countries Zorbies can now be shipped to, as well as a link to our US eBay store where you can place orders

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